How It's Made Season 16 Episodes

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Season 16 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S16:E01 - Motion Sensors

Discover how motion sensors and diving helmets are constructed.


Episode 2 - S16:E02 - Rawhide Lampshades

Discover how rawhide lampshades and MRI scanners are made.


Episode 3 - S16:E03 - Noise Barrier Walls

Discover how noise barrier walls and front-load washers are constructed.


Episode 4 - S16:E04 - Railway Bridge Ties

Discover how railway bridge ties and membrane filters are manufactured.


Episode 5 - S16:E05 - Hospital Laundry

Explore how hospital laundry is cleaned and processed.


Episode 6 - S16:E06 - Ceramic Fireplaces

Discover how ceramic fireplaces and synthetic corks are manufactured.


Episode 7 - S16:E07 - Oil Pressure Sensors

Discover how oil pressure sensors and heavy equipment simulators are made.


Episode 8 - S16:E08 - Mobile Concert Stages

Explore how mobile concert stages and continuous miners are constructed.


Episode 9 - S16:E09 - NASCAR Car Bodies

Discover how NASCAR car bodies, hurley sticks and coffee pots are made.


Episode 10 - S16:E10 - Vehicle Charging Stations

Discover how electric vehicle charging stations are constructed.


Episode 11 - S16:E11 - Slate Tiles and Hot Dog Carts

Discover how slate tiles, hot dog carts and bicycle seats are made.


Episode 12 - S16:E12 - Racing Leathers

Discover how racing leathers and evaporative cooling towers are made.


Episode 13 - S16:E13 - Mountain Bikes and Rice

Explore how mountain bikes and lever-action rifles are manufactured.


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