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How It's Made Season 11 Episodes

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Season 11 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Patterned Glass Panels, Road Cases, Stop-Frame Animation

Discover how patterned glass panels are made and how road cases are built. Also, explore the process of how stop-frame animation is produced.


Episode 2 - Industrial Wire Ropes, Living Walls, Large Format Cameras, Gemstones

Discover how industrial wire ropes and living walls are constructed. Also, explore how large format cameras are built and how gemstones are cut and produced.


Episode 3 - Chocolate Coins, Floor Heating Systems, Pedal Cars, Latex Swords

Discover how chocolate coins are mass-produced and how floor heating systems are constructed. Also, see how pedal cars are built and how latex swords are made.


Episode 4 - Farmed Caviar, Intake Manifolds, Motorcycle Jackets, Shovels & Spades

Discover how caviar is farmed and how intake manifolds are produced. Also, see how motorcycle jackets are made and how shovels and spades are manufactured.


Episode 5 - Wax Figures, Awnings, Sandwich Crackers, Pewter Tankards

Explore how wax figures and awnings are constructed. Also, see how sandwich crackers are mass-produced and how pewter tankards are made.


Episode 6 - Pipe Cleaners, Blue Stilton Cheese, Smart Electric Meters, Telescopes

Discover how pipe cleaners are made and how blue Stilton cheese is produced. Also, explore how electric meters are manufactured and how Telescopes are constructed.


Episode 7 - Fish Replicas, Siren Systems, Pre-packaged Sandwiches, Candlesticks

Discover how fish replicas and candlesticks are made. Also, explore how prepackaged sandwiches are mass-produced and how siren systems are manufactured.


Episode 8 - Tapioca Pudding, Snow Ploughs, Paddle Boats, Fibre Cement Siding

Discover how tapioca pudding is mass-produced and see how paddleboats are constructed. Also, see how snow plows and fiber-cement siding are manufactured.


Episode 9 - Rally Cars, Pork Pies, Floating Fountains, Artificial Stone Ornaments

Discover how rally cars are constructed and how pork pies are produced. Also, see how floating water fountains and artificial stone ornaments are made.


Episode 10 - Cufflinks, Blueberry Turnovers, Dashboards, Pottery

Discover how cufflinks are made and how blueberry turnovers are mass-produced. Also, see how car dashboards are constructed and how earthenware pottery is produced.


Episode 11 - Blister Packs, Deli Slicers, Oysters, Weathervanes

Discover out how pharmaceutical blister packs are produced and how deli slicers are constructed. Also, explore how oysters are farmed and how weathervanes are made.


Episode 12 - Top & Bowler Hats, Solar Water Heaters, Sticky Buns, Electrostatic Speakers

Discover how top and bowler hats are made, and see how solar water heaters are constructed. Also, explore how sticky buns are mass-produced and how electrostatic speakers are made.


Episode 13 - Turntables, Steam Engines, Playground Equipment, Nonstick Cookware

Discover how turntables and steam engines are built, and learn how playground equipment is constructed and how nonstick cookware is made.


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