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How It's Made Season 10 Episodes

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Decorative Sombreros, Salad Dressings, Cap Guns, Regenerative Medicine

Discover how decorative sombreros are made and how salad dressings and marinades are mass-produced. Also, see how cap guns are manufactured and explore the process behind regenerative medicine.


Episode 2 - Cheese Graters, Hot Sauce, Silver Jewelry, Traditional Mexican Chairs

Discover how cheese graters and hot sauce are mass-produced, and follow the production process of silver jewelry and traditional Mexican chairs.


Episode 3 - Game Calls, Mayonnaise, Traditional Razor Blades, Butterfly Safety Razors

Everyday items come to life in fascinating ways. Discover how game calls are made and how mayonnaise is mass-produced. Also, follow the production process of traditional razor blades and butterfly safety razors.


Episode 4 - Corn Tortillas, Crankshafts & Camshafts, Bush Planes, Aluminum Bike Wheels

Discover how corn tortillas are mass-produced and how bush planes are constructed. Also, follow the manufacturing process of aluminum bicycle wheels, crankshafts and camshafts.


Episode 5 - Folding Kayaks, Piñatas, Garbage Trucks, Ceramic Composite Brake Discs

Explore how folding kayaks and pinatas are made, and follow the production process of garbage trucks and ceramic disc brakes.


Episode 6 - Rolled Wafers, Wood Pellets, Class & Championship Rings

Discover how rolled wafers and wood pellets are made, and see how class and championship rings are designed and manufactured.


Episode 7 - Speed Skates, Synthetic Rubber, Cocoa Beans, Bulk Chocolate

Discover how speed skates and synthetic rubber are manufactured. Also, explore how cocoa beans are cultivated and how bulk chocolate is produced.


Episode 8 - Custom Steering Wheels, Aerospace Fuel Lines, Apple Pie, Domestic Radiators

Discover how custom steering wheels are made and how apple pies are mass-produced. Also, explore how aerospace fuel lines and household radiators are manufactured.


Episode 9 - Whips, Automated Pizza Makers, Incense Cones, Scale Turbine Engines

Discover how whips and incense cones are made, and explore how automated pizza makers and model turbine engines are built.


Episode 10 - Heather Gems, Instant Film, Beet Sugar, Electric Roadsters

Discover how heather gems are made and the process behind instant film production. Also, explore how electric cars are manufactured and how beet sugar is processed.


Episode 11 - Underwater Robots, Lasagna, Band Saws, Ski Trekking Poles

Explore how underwater robots are constructed and how frozen lasagna is mass-produced. Also, discover how band saws are built and how ski and trekking poles are made.


Episode 12 - Laminated Wood Beams, Off-Road Vehicles, Veggie Burgers, Augers

Discover how laminated wood beams are constructed and how a custom SUV is built. Also, see how veggie burgers are mass-produced and how auger bits are made.


Episode 13 - Turbochargers, Enchiladas, Watches

Discover the process behind building turbochargers and watches, and examine how enchiladas are mass-produced.


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