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How It's Made Season 12 Episodes

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Season 12 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Garden Forks; English Toffee; Paint Chip Cards; Bundt Pans

Discover how garden forks are manufactured and how paint chip cards are made. Also, see how handmade English toffee is prepared and how bundt pans are produced.


Episode 2 - Pewter Flasks; Potato Salad; Hydrogen Fuel Cells; Engineered Wood Siding

Discover how pewter flasks and hydrogen cells are produced. Also, see how potato salad is mass-produced and how engineered wood siding is made.


Episode 3 - Canvas Wall Tents; Peace Pipes; Shredded Wheat Cereal; Cannons

Discover how canvas wall tents and cannons are made. Also, explore how breakfast cereal is mass-produced and how peace pipes are handmade.


Episode 4 - Robotic Hunting Decoys; Canned Tomatoes; Scoreboards; Lassos

Discover how robotic hunting decoys and electronic scoreboards are constructed. Also, see how tomatoes are canned and how lassos are woven.


Episode 5 - Turf Grass; Beef Jerky; Wood Chippers; Bowling Pins

Discover how turf grass is cultivated and see how premium beef jerky is handcrafted. Also, explore the construction behind wood chippers and bowling pins.


Episode 6 - Multi-tools; Jojoba Oil; Marionettes

Explore the process of manufacturing multi-tools and see how jojoba oil is processed. Also, discover how marionettes are handcrafted.


Episode 7 - Fish Decoys; Film Digitization; Cylinder Stoves; Concrete Light Poles

Discover how fish decoys are handcrafted and learn the process of film digitization. Also, explore how cylinder stoves and concrete light poles are constructed.


Episode 8 - Bamboo Bicycles; Chainsaw Art; Breath Mints; Manual Motorcycle Transmission

Discover how bamboo bicycles are constructed and see the process of making chainsaw art. Also, explore how breath mints are mass-produced and how manual motorcycle transmissions are built.


Episode 9 - Dinnerware; Air Brake Tanks; Frosted Cereal; Fossils

Discover how dinnerware is made and see how air brake tanks are constructed. Also, explore how frosted cereal is mass-produced and learn how fossils are collected and preserved.


Episode 10 - Clay; Pitted Prunes; Spurs; Polyurethane Tires

Discover how clay is mined and learn how pitted prunes are processed from plums. Also, see how boot spurs and polyurethane tires are constructed.


Episode 11 - Tasers; Canned Soup; Jaw Harps & Mouth Bows; Diving Boards

Discover how canned soup is mass-produced and see how diving boards are manufactured. Also, explore the craftsmanship behind jaw harps and mouth bows.


Episode 12 - Navajo Rugs; Crude Oil; Kaleidoscopes; Titanium Dental Implants

Discover how Navajo rugs are woven and how crude oil is mined. Also, explore the craftsmanship behind kaleidoscopes and see how titanium dental implants are manufactured.


Episode 13 - Space Pens; Reef Aquariums; Metal Caskets; Composite Bike Wheels

Discover how space pens and reef aquariums are constructed. Also, explore how metal caskets and composite bicycle wheels are built.


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