How It's Made Season 15 Episodes

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Season 15 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S15:E01 - Electric Stand-Up Vehicles

Discover how electric stand-up vehicles and forged door handles are made.


Episode 2 - S15:E02 - Rock Crushers and Steam Irons

Discover how rock crushers, fabric lampshades and cake sprinkles are made.


Episode 3 - S15:E03 - Indy Steering Wheels

Discover how Indy steering wheels and wind turbines are constructed.


Episode 4 - S15:E04 - Blast Doors and Lipstick

Discover the construction behind blast doors and see how lipstick is made.


Episode 5 - S15:E05 - Carbon Fiber

Discover how carbon fiber is produced and how antique frames are restored.


Episode 6 - S15:E06 - Sawhorses and Toolboxes

Discover how sawhorses, toolboxes and school buses are manufactured.


Episode 7 - S15:E07 - Sanders and Terrain Models

Discover how sanders are built and see how solid terrain models are made.


Episode 8 - S15:E08 - Pressed Glass and Truck Caps

Discover how pressed glass and pickup truck caps are produced.


Episode 9 - S15:E09 - Life Casting and Cooktops

Explore the process of life casting and how downdraft cooktops are made.


Episode 10 - S15:E10 - Motorcycle Sidecars

Explore the manufacturing process behind motorcycle sidecars.


Episode 11 - S15:E11 - Custom Knee Braces

Discover the design and construction behind custom knee braces.


Episode 12 - S15:E12 - Solid State Drives

Discover how solid state drives are designed and manufactured.


Episode 13 - S15:E13 - Dragster Tires and Icing

Explore how dragster tires are manufactured and see how cake icing is made.


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