How It's Made Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S05:E01 - Solid Tires and Globes

Explore the secrets behind solid tires, canoe paddles and globes.


Episode 2 - S05:E02 - Boomerangs and Strobe Lights

Discover how boomerangs, pinball machines and strobe lights are made.


Episode 3 - S05:E03 - Wooden Bowls and Chainsaws

Explore the secrets behind wooden bowls and jet compressor blades.


Episode 4 - S05:E04 - Steel Wool and Slot Machines

Discover how steel wool, carved candles and slot machines are made.


Episode 5 - S05:E05 - Airline Meals and Paper Cups

Explore the secrets behind airline meals, paper cups and trumpets.


Episode 6 - S05:E06 - Padlocks and Hair Clippers

Discover how padlocks, hair clippers and synthetic leather are made.


Episode 7 - S05:E07 - Racing Shells and Leather

Discover how racing shells, leather and pedal steel guitars are made.


Episode 8 - S05:E08 - Swords and Fuses

Explore the secrets behind swords, pontoons, grandfather clocks and fuses.


Episode 9 - S05:E09 - Bumpers and Lighting Gels

Discover how bumpers, lighting gels and candy canes are made.


Episode 10 - S05:E10 - Umbrellas and Tape Measures

Explore the secrets behind umbrellas, outboard motors and tape measures.


Episode 11 - S05:E11 - Scalpels and Ice Axes

Discover how scalpels, oil paints and ice axes are made.


Episode 12 - S05:E12 - Bacon and Luxury Cars

Explore the secrets behind bacon, snow blowers and luxury cars.


Episode 13 - S05:E13 - Transmissions and Darts

Discover how transmissions, silver miniatures and darts are made.


Episode 14 - S05:E14 - Magnets and Crash Test Dummies

Explore the secrets behind magnets, cooked ham and crash test dummies.


Episode 15 - S05:E15 - Curling Stones, Refrigerators

Discover how curling stones, refrigerators and opalescent glass are made.


Episode 16 - S05:E16 - Levels and Sandpaper

Explore the secrets behind levels, abrasive grains and sandpaper.


Episode 17 - S05:E17 - Ice Cream Treats

Discover how ice cream treats and aircraft wings are made.


Episode 18 - S05:E18 - Cricket Bats

Explore the secrets behind cricket bats and ductile iron pipe.


Episode 19 - S05:E19 - Wooden Barrels

Discover how wooden barrels, fire hydrants and cathode ray tubes are made.


Episode 20 - S05:E20 - Stainless Steel

Discover how stainless steel and laboratory glassware are produced.


Episode 21 - S05:E21 - Fire Extinguishers

Discover how fire extinguishers and shock absorbers are manufactured.


Episode 22 - S05:E22 - Dress Forms and Faucets

Discover how dress forms, boat propellers and faucets are manufactured.


Episode 23 - S05:E23 - Bronze Bells

Explore the production of bronze bells and wooden airplane propellers.


Episode 24 - S05:E24 - Pocket Knives

Explore the production of pocket knives and soapstone products.


Episode 25 - S05:E25 - Steel Shipping Drums

Discover how steel shipping drums and police whistles are made.


Episode 26 - S05:E26 - Ice Cream Cones

Discover how ice cream cones, tent trailers and shoe polish are produced.


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