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How It's Made Season 14 Episodes

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Season 14 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Rubber Gloves; Soap Carvings; Aircraft Cabinets; Motorcycle Brake Locks

Discover how rubber gloves are manufactured and explore the craftsmanship of soap carvings. Also, see how aircraft cabinets and motorcycle brake locks are produced.


Episode 2 - Powder Horns; Handcrafted Molds; Pierogies; Inner Tubes

Explore how powder horns and glass molds are handcrafted, and see how pierogies and inner tubes are mass-produced.


Episode 3 - Lace; Antique Frame Replicas; Orchids; Unicycle Wheel Hubs

Explore how lace and unicycle wheel hubs are manufactured. Also, discover how orchids are cultivated and how antique frame replicas are constructed.


Episode 4 - External Hard Drives; Frozen Shrimp; Thai Rice Boxes; Paper Towels

Explore how external hard drives are manufactured and see how frozen shrimp is factory prepared. Also, discover the crafting of Thai rice boxes and see how paper towels are produced.


Episode 5 - Tea; Roof Finials; Artificial Flowers; Alloy Wheels

Discover how tea is harvested and processed, and see how roof finials are constructed. Also, explore how artificial flowers and alloy wheels are manufactured.


Episode 6 - Gel Caps; Playground Spring Riders; Frozen Pancakes; Natural Rubber

Discover how gel caps and playground spring riders are manufactured. Also, explore the production of natural rubber and see how frozen pancakes are mass-produced.


Episode 7 - Paper Umbrellas; Coal; Aircraft Seats; Urns

Discover how paper umbrellas are crafted and see how coal is mined for the production of electricity. Also, explore the production of aircraft seats and see how cremation urns are made.


Episode 8 - Aluminum Canoes; Wood Bowls; Wheelchair Accessible Vans; Marimbas

Discover how aluminum canoes are manufactured and how wooden stave bowls are crafted. Also, explore the production of wheelchair-accessible vans and see how marimbas are constructed.


Episode 9 - Indy Car Seats; Paper Flowers; Stand-by Generators

Explore the process behind the production of Indy car seats, and see how paper flowers and standby generators are constructed.


Episode 10 - Knee Replacements; Leaf Springs; Lavender Oil; Rivets and Rivet Tools

Discover how customized knee replacements are constructed and how leaf springs are built. Also, explore how lavender is harvested and processed for essential oils and how rivets and rivet tools are manufactured.


Episode 11 - Cast Iron Stoves; Ultralight Aircraft; Snow Groomers; Rubber Bands

Discover how cast iron stoves are built and the production of rubber bands. Also, explore the construction of ultralight aircraft and snow groomers.


Episode 12 - Barber Chairs; Sewage Pumps; Bimini Boat Tops; Diesel Filters

Discover how barbershop chairs and Bimini boat tops are constructed. Also, explore the production behind diesel filters and sewage pumps.


Episode 13 - Car Tires; Silk; Art Conservation; Scuba Tanks

Explore the manufacturing of car tires and see how silk fabric is produced. Also, examine the restoration of paintings and see how scuba tanks are made.


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