How It's Made Season 17 Episodes

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Season 17 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S17:E01 - Saunas and Dioramas

Discover how saunas, wheelchair lifts and dioramas are constructed.


Episode 2 - S17:E02 - Upright Pianos and Flags

Discover how upright pianos, flags and Medieval axes are made.


Episode 3 - S17:E03 - Oil Lamps and Pillows

Discover how oil lamps, pillows and chocolate mints are manufactured.


Episode 4 - S17:E04 - Skeletal Replicas

Explore the construction behind skeletal replicas and inground pools.


Episode 5 - S17:E05 - Automatic Sliding Doors

Explore the construction behind sliding doors and see how gin is distilled.


Episode 6 - S17:E06 - Scuba Lights

Discover how scuba diving lights and fiberglass doors are manufactured.


Episode 7 - S17:E07 - Wood Windows and Cashmere

Explore the construction behind wood windows and architectural glass.


Episode 8 - S17:E08 - Gas Barbecues

Explore the construction behind gas barbecues and mattress pads.


Episode 9 - S17:E09 - Recycled Skateboards

Discover how recycled skateboards and braided pastry are made.


Episode 10 - S17:E10 - Plasma Gems

Explore how plasma gems and artificial snow are produced.


Episode 11 - S17:E11 - Three-Wheel Electric Bicycles

Discover how three-wheel electric bicycles and patio heaters are made.


Episode 12 - S17:E12 - Wild West Gun Holsters

Discover how Wild West gun holsters and soy beverages are made.


Episode 13 - S17:E13 - Wood Garage Doors

Explore how wood garage doors and animatronic dinosaurs are made.


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