How It's Made Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S07:E01 - Hammers and Colored Pencils

Explore the secrets behind hammers, roller skates and colored pencils.


Episode 2 - S07:E02 - Blood Products

Discover how blood products and ballpoint pens are made.


Episode 3 - S07:E03 - Oil Tankers and Racing Wheels

Explore the secrets behind oil tankers and racing wheels.


Episode 4 - S07:E04 - Bowling Balls and Radar Guns

Discover how bowling balls, barber poles, felt and radar guns are made.


Episode 5 - S07:E05 - Music Boxes and Pepper Mills

Explore the secrets behind music boxes and pepper mills.


Episode 6 - S07:E06 - Gears and Kitchen Shears

Discover how gears, leather watchbands and kitchen shears are made.


Episode 7 - S07:E07 - Pressure Cookers and Buoys

Explore the secrets behind pressure cookers and oceanographic buoys.


Episode 8 - S07:E08 - Luxury Watches

Discover how aluminium boats, alpine horns and luxury watches are made.


Episode 9 - S07:E09 - Alpine Skis and Laser Cutters

Explore the secrets behind alpine skis and marble sculptures.


Episode 10 - S07:E10 - Socket Sets and Bike Chains

Discover how socket sets, leather shoes and bike chains are made.


Episode 11 - S07:E11 - Flatware and Cow Bells

Explore the secrets behind carved flatware, cow bells and fountain pens.


Episode 12 - S07:E12 - Olive Oil and Ski Boots

Discover how olive oil, ski boots and seamless rolled rings are made.


Episode 13 - S07:E13 - Cookware and Water Heaters

Explore the secrets behind cookware, inlaid boxes and water heaters.


Episode 14 - S07:E14 - Ski Goggles and Diesel Engines

Discover how ski goggles, tower cranes and diesel engines are made.


Episode 15 - S07:E15 - Fig Cookies and Tool Boxes

Explore the secrets behind fig cookies, tool boxes and pipe bends.


Episode 16 - S07:E16 - Revolver Replicas

Discover how revolver replicas, arc trainers and pizza cutters are made.


Episode 17 - S07:E17 - Axes and Racing Karts

Explore the secrets behind running shoes, axes and racing karts.


Episode 18 - S07:E18 - Metal Golf Clubs and Waffles

Discover how metal golf clubs, waffles and train wheels are made.


Episode 19 - S07:E19 - Sails and Walnuts

Explore the secrets behind sails, walnuts and honeycomb structural panels.


Episode 20 - S07:E20 - Surfboards and Stickers

Discover how surfboards, stickers and concrete roofing tiles are made.


Episode 21 - S07:E21 - Stuffed Olives and Astrolabes

Explore the secrets behind stuffed olives, astrolabes and Western saddles.


Episode 22 - S07:E22 - Headphones and Light Bulbs

Discover how headphones and reflector light bulbs are made.


Episode 23 - S07:E23 - House Paint and Ice Makers

Explore the secrets behind fly fishing reels, house paint and ice makers.


Episode 24 - S07:E24 - Clarinets and Special Effects

Discover how graphite pencil leads, clarinets and special effects are made.


Episode 25 - S07:E25 - Air Boats and Onions

Explore the secrets behind air boats, onions and curved cabinet doors.


Episode 26 - S07:E26 - Solar Salt and Tubas

Discover how retractable ballpoint pens, solar salt and tubas are made.


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