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How It's Made Season 24 Episodes

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Season 24 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Leather Sculptures, Travel Hot Plates, Ochre, and Hurdy Gurdies

Discover how leather sculptures, travel hot plates, ochre and hurdy-gurdies are made.


Episode 2 - Spiral Stairs, Pita Bread, Exhaust Headers and Molded Limestone Artwork

Discover how spiral stairs, pita bread, exhaust headers and molded limestone artwork are made.


Episode 3 - Recycled Skateboard Guitars, Solar Street Lights and Dolls

Discover how recycled skateboard guitars, solar street lights and dolls are made.


Episode 4 - Glass Sculptures, Racing Pulley Systems, Inductors and Medicine Balls

Understand how glass sculptures, racing pulley systems, inductors and medicine balls are made.


Episode 5 - Fish Rubbings, Clay Shooting Machines, Almonds and High-end Motorcycles

Understand how fish rubbings, clay shooting machines, almonds and high-end motorcycles are made.


Episode 6 - Throttle Bodies, Limestone Mantels, Candied Fruit and Linen Ukuleles

Understand how throttle bodies, limestone fireplace mantels, candied fruit and jellies and linen ukuleles are made.


Episode 7 - Rubber Balls, Motion Chairs, Montreal Smoked Meat and Motorized Scooters

Understand how rubber balls, motion chairs, Montreal smoked meat, and motorized scooters are made.


Episode 8 - Aerospace Fasteners, Cactus Pear Puree and Lab Reactors

Discover how aerospace fasteners, cactus pear puree and lab reactors are made.


Episode 9 - Wall Beds, Sundae Cups, Digital Paintings and Badminton Rackets

Segments highlight wall beds, sundae cups, digital paintings and badminton rackets.


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