How It's Made Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S06:E01 - Binoculars and Sparklers

Discover how binoculars, sparklers, and circular saw blades are made.


Episode 2 - S06:E02 - Anatomical Models

Discover how anatomical models and jukeboxes are constructed.


Episode 3 - S06:E03 - Pencils and Coffee

Discover how pencils are made and see how coffee is harvested and roasted.


Episode 4 - S06:E04 - Javelins and Hearts of Palm

Discover how javelins are made and how hearts of palm are harvested.


Episode 5 - S06:E05 - Technical Glass and Crossbows

Discover how technical glass and washing machines are manufactured.


Episode 6 - S06:E06 - Cine Cameras

Discover how cine cameras, Christmas ornaments and giant tires are made.


Episode 7 - S06:E07 - Microphones and Hot Tubs

Explore how microphones, hot tubs and beer steins are manufactured.


Episode 8 - S06:E08 - Hot Rods and Baseballs

Explore how hot rods are constructed and how decorative eggs are crafted.


Episode 9 - S06:E09 - Accordions and Pineapples

Discover how accordions and artificial joints are constructed.


Episode 10 - S06:E10 - Giant Valves and Sardines

Discover how giant valves, barographs and disposable diapers are made.


Episode 11 - S06:E11 - Heated Skate Blades

Discover how heated skate blades, gliders and hand bells are made.


Episode 12 - S06:E12 - Induction Cooktops

See how induction cooktops, truck scales and Tetra Pak containers are made.


Episode 13 - S06:E13 - Baseball Gloves

Discover how baseball gloves, medical electrodes and Stetson hats are made.


Episode 14 - S06:E14 - Pneumatic Impact Wrenches

Discover how pneumatic impact wrenches and NASCAR stock cars are made.


Episode 15 - S06:E15 - Jaws of Life

Discover how Jaws of Life rescue tools and ratchets are manufactured.


Episode 16 - S06:E16 - Thermometers

Discover how thermometers and produce scales are constructed.


Episode 17 - S06:E17 - Carburetors and Sugar

Discover how carburetors and air conditioners are constructed.


Episode 18 - S06:E18 - Combination Wrenches

Discover how combination wrenches, golf carts and airships are constructed.


Episode 19 - S06:E19 - Carbon Fiber Car Parts

Discover how carbon fiber car parts and hand dryers are constructed.


Episode 20 - S06:E20 - Police Badges

Discover how police badges, car washes and pressure gauges are made.


Episode 21 - S06:E21 - Metal Detectors and Rum

Discover how metal detectors and aircraft engines are constructed.


Episode 22 - S06:E22 - Riding Mowers and Popcorn

Discover how riding mowers and adjustable beds are constructed.


Episode 23 - S06:E23 - Airstream Trailers

See how Airstream trailers and industrial steam boilers are constructed.


Episode 24 - S06:E24 - Screwdrivers

Discover how screwdrivers and carbon fiber baseball bats are manufactured.


Episode 25 - S06:E25 - Escalators and Kevlar Canoes

Discover how escalators, Kevlar canoes and disc music boxes are made.


Episode 26 - S06:E26 - Motorcycle Engines

Discover how motorcycle engines and vaulting poles are constructed.


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