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How It's Made Season 20 Episodes

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Season 20 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - CNC Assembly Machines, Lemon Tarts, and Miniature War Figures

Discover how CNC assembly machines are constructed. Also, see how lemon tarts and miniature war figures are produced.


Episode 2 - Chemical Tank Pressure Vents, Candy Wafers, Food Trucks, Traditional Ropes

Discover how chemical tank pressure vents and traditional ropes are constructed. Also see how candy wafers are produced and how food trucks are built.


Episode 3 - Graphene, the World's Smallest Car, Force Testers, and Composite Cans

Discover how graphene, force testers and composite cans are produced. Also, explore the construction behind the world's smallest car.


Episode 4 - LED Tubes, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars, and Robotic Medication Dispensers

Explore how LED tubes are made and chocolate peanut butter bars are produced. Also, discover how robotic medication dispensers are constructed.


Episode 5 - Commercial Drones, Aquarium Fish, Runway Cleaners, and Shuttlecocks

Discover how commercial drones are constructed and see how shuttlecocks are made. Also, see how aquarium fish are bred and how runway cleaners are produced.


Episode 6 - Wooden Matches, Tillage Machines, Telescopic Gangways, and Mabe Pearls

Discover how wooden matches and mabe pearls are produced. Also, explore how tillage machines and telescopic gangways are constructed.


Episode 7 - Mosquito Coils, Solar-Assist Tricycles, Palm Oil, & Fiberglass Chopper Guns

Discover how mosquito coils and solar-assist tricycles are made. Also, see how palm oil and fiberglass chopper guns are produced.


Episode 8 - Wood Toys, Retro Toasters, Laboratory Furnaces, and Aerogels

Discover how wood toys and retro toasters are made. Also, see how laboratory furnaces and aerogels are produced.


Episode 9 - Combination Squares, Farmed Shrimp, Ball Valves, and String Trimmers

Discover how combination squares and ball valves are constructed. Also, explore how shrimp are farmed and see how string trimmers are made.


Episode 10 - Chinese Style Furniture, Electrical Switches, Thai Fish Sauce, and Cappers

Discover how Chinese-style furniture is crafted and see how electrical switches are constructed. Also, see how Thai fish sauce and cappers are produced.


Episode 11 - Mortars & Pestles, Bowling Lane Conditioners, Crematories, & Wood Playsets

Discover how mortars and pestles are crafted, and see how crematories are constructed. Also, see how wood playsets and bowling lane conditioners are built.


Episode 12 - Race Car Oil Tanks, Plaster Moldings, Lemongrass Oil, and Fly Tying Vises

Discover how race car oil tanks are constructed and how lemongrass oil is produced. Also, see how plaster moldings are manufactured and how fly tying vises are made.


Episode 13 - Coconut Charcoal, Dial Indicators, Wet Downdraft Tables, and Bassoon Reeds

Discover how coconut shell charcoal is produced and see how bassoon reeds are made. Also, explore how dial indicators and wet downdraft tables are constructed.


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