How It's Made Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S04:E01 - Footballs and Marbles

Explore the secrets behind footballs, marbles and airplane propellers.


Episode 2 - S04:E02 - Engine Blocks and Drums

Discover how engine blocks, jawbreakers and drum shells are constructed.


Episode 3 - S04:E03 - Lighters and Hockey Pucks

Explore the secrets behind lighters, fossils and hockey pucks.


Episode 4 - S04:E04 - Balloons and Wallpaper

Discover how balloons, wallpaper and incandescent light bulbs are made.


Episode 5 - S04:E05 - Matches and Fine Porcelain

Explore the secrets behind matches and automobile fuel tanks.


Episode 6 - S04:E06 - Glass Cookware and Soap Bars

Discover how soap bars, steel drums and firefighter uniforms are made.


Episode 7 - S04:E07 - Crayons and Gold Chains

Explore the secrets behind crayons, wooden kayaks and lawn mowers.


Episode 8 - S04:E08 - Inflatable Safety Devices

Discover how safety devices and braille typewriters are made.


Episode 9 - S04:E09 - Fortune Cookies

Explore the secrets behind fortune cookies and IMAX projectors.


Episode 10 - S04:E10 - Hand Saws

Discover how firefighter helmets and packaging tubes are made.


Episode 11 - S04:E11 - Halogen Bulbs

Explore the secrets behind halogen bulbs and cellulose insulation.


Episode 12 - S04:E12 - Drill Bits and Stamps

Discover how drill bits, stamps and photo booths are made.


Episode 13 - S04:E13 - Yacht Wheels and Chisels

Explore the secrets behind yacht wheels, braided rugs and chisels.


Episode 14 - S04:E14 - Fur Tanning and Photographs

Discover how fur tanning, photographs and electric violins are made.


Episode 15 - S04:E15 - Glass Bottles and Goalie Masks

Explore the secrets behind glass bottles, hacksaws and goalie masks.


Episode 16 - S04:E16 - Paintbrushes and Flashlights

Discover how lacrosse sticks, flashlights and paintbrushes are made.


Episode 17 - S04:E17 - Optical Lenses

Explore the secrets behind battery tins and optical lenses.


Episode 18 - S04:E18 - Horseshoes and Frozen Pizzas

Discover how horseshoes, dishwashers and frozen pizzas are made.


Episode 19 - S04:E19 - Pistons and Chimneys

Explore the secrets behind pistons, paint rollers, parachutes and chimneys.


Episode 20 - S04:E20 - CO2 Cartridges and Pretzels

Discover how CO2 cartridges, pretzels and skating rinks are made.


Episode 21 - S04:E21 - Hockey Sticks and Treadmills

Explore the secrets behind hockey sticks and hand-held computers.


Episode 22 - S04:E22 - Motorcycles and Whistles

Discover how motorcycles, clay pipes, drum sticks and whistles are made.


Episode 23 - S04:E23 - Handcuffs, Caulking Compound

Explore the secrets behind handcuffs, and see how propane tanks are made.


Episode 24 - S04:E24 - Fur Coat and a Golf Tee

Discover how a fur coat, a hearse and a golf tee are made.


Episode 25 - S04:E25 - Fishing Reels, Kitchen Mixers

Explore the secrets behind fishing reels and kitchen mixers.


Episode 26 - S04:E26 - Manhole Covers and Snowmobiles

Discover how manhole covers, range hoods and snowmobiles are made.


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