How It's Made Season 22 Episodes

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Season 22 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S22:E01 - Skateboard Wheels and Baklava

Explore the secrets behind skateboard wheels and honeycomb candles.


Episode 2 - S22:E02 - Nuno Felt and Kimchi

Discover how nuno felt, drum crushers and kimchi are manufactured.


Episode 3 - S22:E03 - Collagen and Plier Staplers

Explore the secrets behind collagen, wood moldings and plier staplers.


Episode 4 - S22:E04 - Thai Barbecues

Discover how Thai barbecues, diving masks and bassoons are made.


Episode 5 - S22:E05 - Wooden Utensils and Moccasins

Discover how wooden utensils, refrigeration units and moccasins are made.


Episode 6 - S22:E06 - Wood Watches and Raw Pet Food

Explore the secrets behind wood watches, steel bicycles and raw pet food.


Episode 7 - S22:E07 - Coffee Roasters

Discover how thermoplastic fire helmets and coffee roasters are made.


Episode 8 - S22:E08 - Office Chairs and Lithographs

Explore the secrets behind office chairs, vinobrew and lithographs.


Episode 9 - S22:E09 - Fireplace Bellows, Calissons

Fireplace bellows, calissons and diving watercraft are examined.


Episode 10 - S22:E10 - Artist Brushes and Game Tables

Manufacturers create artist brushes, DEF tank heaters and game tables.


Episode 11 - S22:E11 - Foosball and Marseille Soap

Manufacturers produce foosball tables, Marseille soap and laguiole knives.


Episode 12 - S22:E12 - Flying Water Bikes and Rasps

Processes behind water bikes and throttle position sensors are revealed.


Episode 13 - S22:E13 - Berets and Stationary Bikes

Processes used to create berets, pastis and stationary bikes are examined.


Episode 14 - S22:E14 - Bistro Sets and Bamboo Lights

Processes behind steel bistro sets and letterpress printing are revealed.


Episode 15 - S22:E15 - Technological Corks

Producers make technological corks, zinc gutters, Basque ham and chisteras.


Episode 16 - S22:E16 - Petanque Balls and Pavers

Manufacturers make petanque balls, biologic medicines and asphalt pavers.


Episode 17 - S22:E17 - Leather Basketballs

Processes behind leather basketballs and wood panel canvases are revealed.


Episode 18 - S22:E18 - Power Steering Pumps

Processes used for power steering pumps and Asian bowl meals are shown.


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