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How It's Made Season 21 Episodes

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Season 21 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Classic Car Gauges, Chocolate Marble Cake and Ghillie Kettles

Discover how classic car gauges are manufactured. Also, explore how chocolate marble cakes and ghillie kettles are made.


Episode 2 - Pasta Dies, Blueberries, Composting Toilets, and Surge Arresters

Discover how pasta dies are made and see how blueberries are harvested. Also, explore how composting toilets and surge arresters are constructed.


Episode 3 - Angle Grinders, Berry Baskets, and Omnidirectional Speakers

Discover how angle grinders and omnidirectional speakers are constructed, and see how berry baskets are crafted.


Episode 4 - Cartridge Blades, Chocolate Banana Loaves, Vending Machines, Dive Computers

Discover how cartridge blades and chocolate banana loaves are produced. Also, explore the construction behind vending machines and dive computers.


Episode 5 - Ultra-Thin Glass, Pallet Dismantlers, Cupcakes, and Stainless Steel Tubes

Discover how ultra-thin glass and seamless, stainless steel tubes are manufactured. Also, see how pallet dismantling machines are constructed and how cupcakes are produced.


Episode 6 - Potash, Leather Bracelets, Wild Rice, and Hex Key L Wrenches

Discover how potash and hex key wrenches are produced. Also, see how leather bracelets are crafted and how wild rice is harvested.


Episode 7 - Nail Files, Birch Canoes, Boat Hardtops, and High Voltage Circuit Breakers

Discover how metal nail files and boat hardtops are manufactured. Also, explore how birch canoes are crafted and see how high-voltage circuit breakers are constructed.


Episode 8 - Macarons, Pine Needle Baskets, and Micrometers

Discover how macarons are prepared and how pine needle baskets are handmade. Also, see how micrometers are constructed.


Episode 9 - Endoscopes, Megaphones, and Uranium

Discover how endoscopes and megaphones are constructed, and see how uranium is mined and processed.


Episode 10 - Hollow Disk Pumps, Palm Sugar, and Yachts

Discover how hollow disk pumps are manufactured and see how palm sugar is produced. Also, explore the construction behind yachts.


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