How It's Made Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S03:E01 - Paving Asphalt

Discover how paving asphalt, marshmallow cookies and loudspeakers are made.


Episode 2 - S03:E02 - Wood Burning Stoves

Discover how wood burning stoves, buses and ballet slippers are made.


Episode 3 - S03:E03 - Robotic Arms and Tattoos

Discover how robotic arms, concrete pipes and sanitary napkins are made.


Episode 4 - S03:E04 - Hockey Gloves and Snack Cakes

Discover how hockey gloves, remolded tires and snack cakes are made


Episode 5 - S03:E05 - Ambulances and Acrylic Awards

Explore the construction behind ambulances and dining room tables.


Episode 6 - S03:E06 - Alkaline Batteries

Discover how alkaline batteries, wheelchairs and flutes are made.


Episode 7 - S03:E07 - Golf Balls and Parking Meters

Discover how golf balls, furniture handles and parking meters are made.


Episode 8 - S03:E08 - Suits of Armor

Discover how suits of armor and streetlight poles are made.


Episode 9 - S03:E09 - Sulkies and Bagpipes

Discover how sulkies, bagpipes, and fishing lures are made.


Episode 10 - S03:E10 - Goalie Pads and Lapel Pins

Discover how goalie pads, lapel pins and crystal wine glasses are produced.


Episode 11 - S03:E11 - Cement and Caskets

Discover how cement, caskets, soft drinks and glider rockers are made.


Episode 12 - S03:E12 - Kitchen Knives and Socks

Discover how kitchen knives, hypodermic needles and socks are made.


Episode 13 - S03:E13 - Electrical Panels and Kites

Explore the manufacturing process of electrical panels and eyeglass frames.


Episode 14 - S03:E14 - Three-Wheeled Vehicles

Discover how three-wheeled vehicles and baseball bats are made.


Episode 15 - S03:E15 - Springs, Pavers and Pianos

Discover how springs, pavers and pianos are manufactured.


Episode 16 - S03:E16 - Ropes and Cymbals

Discover how ropes, billiard tables and cymbals are constructed.


Episode 17 - S03:E17 - Seat Belts and Windows

Explore the construction behind seat belts, windows and hot air balloons.


Episode 18 - S03:E18 - Air Filters and Suits

Discover how air filters, billiard cues and suits are manufactured.


Episode 19 - S03:E19 - Escalator Handrails and Wigs

Explore the construction behind highlighters, guitar strings and wigs.


Episode 20 - S03:E20 - Traditional Bows and Hammocks

Discover how traditional bows and coffee machines are manufactured.


Episode 21 - S03:E21 - Chains and Vinyl Records

Explore the construction behind chains, bagels and vinyl records.


Episode 22 - S03:E22 - Windshields and Post Clocks

Discover how windshields and post clocks are manufactured.


Episode 23 - S03:E23 - Insulation and Exhaust Systems

Explore the secrets behind fiberglass insulation and exhaust systems.


Episode 24 - S03:E24 - Transporters and Cedar Canoes

Discover how individual transporters and electric guitars are manufactured.


Episode 25 - S03:E25 - Air Bags and Jelly Beans

Explore the secrets behind air bags and jelly beans.


Episode 26 - S03:E26 - Model Ships and Putters

Discover how amphibious vehicles, putters and model ships are constructed.


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