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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

After Bart’s tattoo removal, Homer’s failure as a department store Santa, and a bad day at the dog track, Christmas prospects look dim for the Simpsons. But Homer seizes the day and, with the help of Santa’s Little Helper, blunders home with the best gift of all-something to share the family’s love. And frighten prowlers. A holiday classic!!


Episode 2 - Bart the Genius

After switching I.Q. exams with Martin Prince, Bart is placed in a school for geniuses, and everyone is put to the test. Can Principal Skinner contain his joy? Will Homer survive a night at the opera? Does Bart’s brain blow up?


Episode 3 - Homer's Odyssey

Fired from his job, Citizen Homer becomes caught in a web of nuclear hazards and public safety. An action-adventure tale aflame with danger and municipal code violations.


Episode 4 - There's No Disgrace Like Home

Trapped in a living hell, Homer faces the awful truth: the Simpsons are the worst family in town! An electro-shocking glimpse into the weird world of family therapy.


Episode 5 - Bart the General

Terrorized by the school bully, Bart seeks counsel from Grandpa Simpson, who takes him to a warfare expert for basic training.


Episode 6 - Moaning Lisa

The fervid spectacle of childhood angst is exposed in this story of Lisa Simpson...A smart, sassy, good girl gone sad. Get bummed to the bluesy be-bop of “Bleeding Gums”  Murphy special musical appearance.


Episode 7 - The Call of the Simpsons

The Simpsons put the wild back in the wilderness when their RV goes over a cliff and Homer and Bart go for help, get lost and lose their clothes.


Episode 8 - The Telltale Head

Bart pulls a stunt that shocks the entire town, including the new friends he was trying to impress.


Episode 9 - Life on the Fast Lane

In response to his thoughtless birthday gift, Marge teaches Homer a lesson by taking up bowling under the hands-on tutelage of Jacques, a suave bowling instructor, who tries to pick up more than just a spare.


Episode 10 - Homer's Night Out

When Bart sneaks a naughty snapshot of Homer at a stag party, Homer becomes famous—until Marge finds out.


Episode 11 - Crepes of Wrath

Spy me to the moon! Homer and Principal Skinner send Bart to France in exchange for an Albanian student. While Bart slaves at the Chateau Maison’s unsavory vineyard, Adil Hoxha steals classified secrets from Springfield’s Nuclear Plant!


Episode 12 - Krusty Gets Busted

Accused of a heinous crime, Krusty the Clown finds himself caught in a web of hate and suspicion. A clown alone in a teeming tempest of distrust, with no one to believe him - no one, that is, but Bart Simpson!


Episode 13 - Some Enchanted Evening

A real-life drama of "America's Most Armed and Dangerous" is played out when the notorious Babysitter Bandit is hired to sit the Simpson kids! A roller coaster ride of naked terror, stirring courage and Homeric stupidity.


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