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Season 12 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Treehouse of Horror XI

Homer's horoscope foretells his death; Lisa frees a dolphin from Marineland who banishes humans to the sea and takes over the land for dolphins; the Simpsons live out Grimm's fairy tales.


Episode 2 - A Tale of Two Springfields

A new area code for half of Springfield leads to great divisions in the town. A wall goes up and only the music of The Who can bring it down.


Episode 3 - Insane Clown Poppy

Krusty the Clown discovers he has a daughter he never knew about. To win her love, he must get back a violin from mobster Fat Tony.


Episode 4 - Lisa the Tree Hugger

Lisa develops a crush on an older boy who is an environmental activist. To prevent a Redwood tree from being cut down, she starts to live in it, but through a series of misunderstandings, the forest is nearly turned into an amusement park. 


Episode 5 - Homer vs. Dignity

Mr. Burns decides to make Homer do awful things for the sheer sport of it. But Homer draws the line when he is told to dress as Santa and ruin a Thanksgiving parade.


Episode 6 - The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

Homer becomes an internet blogger who anonymously tells the truth about the powerful and famous. It lands him on a secret island from which he must escape, in a satire of the cult '60s series, "The Prisoner."


Episode 7 - The Great Money Caper

After attending a magic show, Bart and Homer start conning Springfield residents out of their money. To teach them a lesson, Marge decides to grift the grifters.


Episode 8 - Skinner's Sense of Snow

An unexpected snowstorm traps the children of Springfield elementary inside their school, where Bart leads a revolt against the principal. Homer and Flanders attempt to rescue the children, but get trapped in Ned's car and begin to hallucinate.


Episode 9 - HOMR

In this Emmy-winning episode, Homer undergoes a medical treatment to make himself smarter. The new, more intelligent Homer becomes a better friend to Lisa, but the rest of his life worsens, and he decides to return to his normal, dimwitted self- but leaves behind a message of hope for Lisa.


Episode 10 - Pokey Mom

Marge befriends a convict who is an incredible artist. She invites him to live in the house, at the same time that Homer starts a chiropractic business and earns the enmity of others in the profession.


Episode 11 - Worst Episode Ever

After Comic Book Guy has a heart attack, he turns the store over to Bart and Milhouse. They discover Comic Book Guy's collection of secretly recorded videotapes, while Comic Book Guy begins a torrid romance with Principal Skinner's mother.


Episode 12 - Tennis the Menace

Homer installs a tennis court with the money he was going to use to pay Grampa's funeral expenses. Bart and Marge become a successful doubles tennis team, which leads Homer to grow jealous of his own son.


Episode 13 - Day of the Jackanapes

Sideshow Bob returns and attempts to use Bart as a living bomb to kill Krusty the Clown. But when Krusty pays an emotional tribute to Bob on his show, Bob relents and must stop his boy-bomb.


Episode 14 - New Kids On the Blecch

Bart becomes a member of a boy band which grows incredibly popular. Then the boys are stunned to learn they are being used as pawns by the United States Navy.


Episode 15 - Hungry, Hungry Homer

After spending a day at an amusement park for children, Blockoland, Homer learns the local minor league baseball team is secretly planning to move to Albuquerque. To stop them Homer stages a hunger strike.


Episode 16 - Bye, Bye, Nerdie

Tired of being beaten by a bully, Lisa tries to understand the hidden causes of bullyism. She is stunned to learn that a scent given off by nerds is the root of all her woes. Meanwhile, Homer sets up a childproofing business.


Episode 17 - Simpson Safari

The Simpsons journey to Africa after winning a contest on the back of an animal crackers box. They meet up with a monkey researcher who turns out to be secretly exploiting the monkeys to mine for diamonds.


Episode 18 - Trilogy of Error

In this multilayered episode that cuts back and forth in time, Homer cuts off his thumb and must get it reattached, Lisa builds a grammar robot, linguo, and Bart and Milhouse get involved with illegal fireworks.


Episode 19 - I'm Goin' to Praiseland

Marge and Homer attempt to get widower Ned Flanders past the death of Maude. After setting up an amusement park inspired by visions of his late wife, Ned realizes he is not yet ready to date, but does befriend a Christian country singer.


Episode 20 - Children of a Lesser Clod

After injuring his leg playing YMCA basketball, Homer sets up a day care center. He earns the love of the town - but not his own son and daughter.


Episode 21 - Simpsons Tall Tales

In this three-part episode based on legends of Americana, Homer becomes Paul Bunyan, Lisa tries to save the world as Connie Appleseed, and Bart and Nelson become Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn - the rumor of whose deaths is not greatly exaggerated.


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