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Season 21 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Homer the Whopper

Comic Book guy creates a comic book--"Everyman"--whose hero absorbs the power of any comic book he touches. Homer is cast in the lead, and gets physically fit with the help of a personal trainer. But when the trainer leaves for another job, Homer regains the weight he lost, wreaking havoc on the film.


Episode 2 - Bart Gets a 'Z'

When Bart tries to loosen up his teacher by spiking her coffee, he gets her so drunk she loses her job. He tries to make it up to her by helping her open a muffin store, but she discovers the truth. Meanwhile, her replacement turns out to be a cool young teacher who can work the internet.


Episode 3 - The Great Wife Hope

When all the males in Springfield become addicted to a violent TV sport, Marge agrees to fight the founder of the league in hopes of getting it off the air. Worried that she may not survive, Homer makes sure she trains with the toughest men in Springfield. She toughens up and is able to take a sucker punch and win.


Episode 4 - Treehouse of Horror XX

In this annual terror-themed thrilled, Dracula and the Wolfman walk the streets of Springfield, Bart and Lisa cause carnage in the school in a Hitchcock-themed segment, Krusty's new hamburger made from mad cows turns the town into zombies, and Moe falls for Marge in a creepy broadway musical--but can only win her over by serving her beer mixed with Homer's blood.


Episode 5 - The Devil Wears Nada

Homer becomes his buddy Carl's assistant. Carl is a demanding Anna Wintour-type boss whose demands fill Homer's life. When Marge inadvertently does cheesecake poses for a charity calendar, it only makes matters worse. Homer realizes he must choose between the jetsetting life of a power plant supervisor's aide and saving his marriage.


Episode 6 - Pranks and Greens

Bart discovers there was an even more awesome prankster than he, and determines to track him down, only to find he is a sad loser living in his mother's house. Meanwhile, Marge's attempts to provide truly healthy food for Maggie and her friends lead only to frustration.


Episode 7 - Rednecks & Broomsticks

Lisa joins a group of teenage wiccans, while Homer becomes a moonshine aficionado. When half the town goes blind from the moonshine, they blame the witches, and try them according to ancient Springfield laws.


Episode 8 - Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?

Bart realizes that Lisa has a bond with Maggie that he will never have, because he has no brother.  After a dream about famous brothers from Wright to Mario, Bart tries to adopt one, but finds having a brother can bring as much pain as pleasure.  


Episode 9 - Thursdays with Abie

Grampa meets a newspaper columnist who chronicles his life in the local paper. It causes a rift between Homer and his father, and Homer begins to suspect the writer has a secret, sinister motive. Meanwhile, Bart takes home a beloved class doll, and Lisa loses it down a sewer.


Episode 10 - Once Upon a Time in Springfield

Krusty gets a new sidekick - a Disney-style princess who proves too popular for Krusty's liking. But when he tries to fire her, he finds she is more attached to him than he ever dreamed. Meanwhile, when Mr. Burns eliminates the donuts from the power plant break room, Homer and his friends consider working at another power plant.


Episode 11 - Million Dollar Maybe

Homer wins a million dollars in the lottery, but bought the ticket while he was supposed to be helping his wife, so he can't spend the money without her getting furious at him.  When Bart learns of Homer's secret, he threatens to tell Marge unless Homer does whatever he wants.


Episode 12 - Boy Meets Curl

A planned evening of ice skating and a chance encounter introduces Marge and Homer to the sport of curling, and they wind up joining a team and becoming involved in the Olympic trials.


Episode 13 - The Color Yellow

While researching her family tree, Lisa discovers the diary of an ancestor that reveals the Simpson family was in the underground railroad before the Civil War. After further investigation she is shocked to learn that her ancestors were not what they seem.


Episode 14 - Postcards from the Wedge

When Bart realizes he can exploit Marge and Homer's differences, it nearly breaks their marriage apart. And when he discovers an abandoned subway underneath Springfield, it nearly breaks the town apart.


Episode 15 - Stealing First Base

Bart meets a girl with whom he is alternately infatuated and infuriated. His furtive kiss creates a ban on public displays of affection in the school. Meanwhile, Lisa discovers she has a secret supporter, who turns out to be surprisingly successful.


Episode 16 - The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed

Hoping to make Homer more religious, Ned Flanders invites the Simpsons on a trip to the Holy Land. There they meet an angry Israeli tour guide and Homer comes to believe he is the messiah.


Episode 17 - American History X-cellent

An office party at Mr. Burns' mansion turns into a drunken riot--landing Burns in jail. In prison, a deeply religious convict takes Burns under his wing and tries to make a good man of him.


Episode 18 - Chief of Hearts

Homer befriends Chief Wiggum, but when Wiggum saves his life, the friendship gets too close for Homer's comfort. Meanwhile, Bart gets addicted to a Japanese card/robot/adventure game.


Episode 19 - The Squirt & the Whale

Homer attempts to power the house with a wind turbine. After a freak windstorm knocks out the turbine, a whale washes up on shore, and the town attempts to save it.


Episode 20 - To Surveil with Love

When Homer's unattended bag causes a bomb scare at Springfield Union station, the town introduces draconian security measures. Surveillance cameras are installed all over town, and the only unsupervised spot is in the Simpsons' back yard. Meanwhile, Lisa encounters discrimination because she is a blonde.


Episode 21 - Moe Letter Blues

A mysterious letter leads Homer, Apu and Reverend Lovejoy to suspect their marriages are in serious trouble. Examining the past leads each to believe his wife has run off with Moe the bartender.


Episode 22 - The Bob Next Door

The Simpsons get a new next door-neighbor, who, despite all appearances, Bart believes to be SIDESHOW BOB! He uncovers the shocking truth and a desolate spot where five states meet.


Episode 23 - Judge Me Tender

Moe proves himself so witty and acerbic judging an Ugly Dog contest he is invited to Los Angeles to judge American Idol. There he befriends Simon Cowell and learns a lesson about show business.


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