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Season 22 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Elementary School Musical

Lisa gets a dream week at arts camp where her counselors are Flight of the Conchords, then finds her return to the real world is more than a little disheartening. Meanwhile, Krusty discovers winning the Nobel Peace prize is not what it seems, and he must fight for his freedom in the World Court. Guest voices Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Amber Riley of Glee.


Episode 2 - Loan-a-Lisa

Grampa decides to give each of the Simpsons their inheritance early. Homer discovers he can live the high life buying and returning luxury items without paying for them. Lisa uses her money to secretly finance Nelson's bike pimpery. Featuring the voices of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus.


Episode 3 - Moneybart

Lisa becomes the manager of Bart's little league team and introduces statistical analysis to the game. Fed up with her correct but conservative decisions, Bart defies Lisa, and she kicks him off the team. Guest star: Mike Scoscia.


Episode 4 - Treehouse of Horror XXI

In this annual terror-filled trilogy, the old board games in the Simpson attic come to life and wreak havoc in Springfield, Marge and Homer's romantic cruise is interrupted by a mysterious, handsome stranger whom Homer believes is trying to kill them, and Lisa falls in love with a tweenage vampire, only to run afoul of his old-school vampire father.


Episode 5 - Lisa Simpson This Isn't Your Life

A trip to Marge's childhood home leads Lisa to discover that Marge was once an excellent student like her, until she met Homer. Meanwhile, Bart accidentally beats up Nelson and becomes the school bully -- much to his chagrin.


Episode 6 - The Fool Monty

During a "housecat flu" scare, Mr. Burns is startled to discover that everyone in town hates him. He tries to take his own life, but fails, losing his memory in the process. The townspeople use the opportunity to seek revenge on him for the harm he has inflicted upon them through the years.


Episode 7 - How Munched is that Birdie in the Window

A storm blows a pigeon through the Simpsons' window, and Bart makes it his pet. He nurses it back to health, and when he is approached by Moe to turn it into a racing pigeon he has to make a difficult decision.


Episode 8 - The Fight Before Christmas

Bart heads to a surprisingly downsized North Pole to get a toy he wants, Marge attempts to kill Hitler at Christmas, Martha Stewart takes over the Simpson family holiday, and Katy Perry performs with the Simpsons -- in puppet form -- for the first time ever.


Episode 9 - Donnie Fatso

When Homer runs afoul of tough new ordinances that take effect January 1, he goes undercover with the mob to shorten his sentence. He finds that the Springfield Mafia is much more welcoming and lovable than he ever would have suspected. Guest star -- Jon Hamm.


Episode 10 - Moms I'd Like to Forget

A war between the fourth and fifth graders leads Bart to discover an unusual scar on his wrist. Learning the secret of its origin unlocks a secret from Marge's past. Bart's journey to the truth takes him to Comic Book Guy, and a Fourth of July long ago gone horribly wrong.


Episode 11 - Flaming Moe

To impress Mr. Burns, Smithers helps Moe turn his tavern into a gay bar that caters to men who are less than perfect. Meanwhile, a substitute music teacher becomes the passion of Principal Skinner's life. Moe enjoys his new clientele so much he considers running for city council -- without telling anyone he's straight. Meanwhile, Principal Skinner must choose between his career and a free-spirited substitute music teacher.


Episode 12 - Homer the Father

Homer becomes obsessed with a cheesy '80s sitcom and tries to apply its outdated lessons to his own relationship with Bart. A disgruntled Bart is driven straight into the arms of Chinese nuclear spies.


Episode 13 - The Blue and the Gray

When Marge decides to "go gray" with her hair, she is startled by the reaction of her friends and family. Meanwhile, Homer becomes a "wing man," first to Moe, then to every single guy in town.


Episode 14 - Angry Dad: The Movie

Bart makes an animated short film which is surprisingly nominated for every major Hollywood award. When Homer tries to seize credit for the film, it starts a battle between the two that climaxes onstage at the Academy Awards®.


Episode 15 - The Scorpion's Tale

Lisa discovers a miraculous drug that can cure crankiness in old people. Bart starts illegally selling it to Springfield seniors, only to discover it has a horrifying side effect.


Episode 16 - Midsummer's Nice Dreams

When Cheech and Chong split up during a performance in Springfield, Homer gets a chance to perform stoner comedy -- but finds it is not the high life he imagines. Meanwhile, Marge attempts to cure the crazy Cat Lady of her hoarding.


Episode 17 - Love Is a Many Strangled Thing

When Homer reveals in therapy that he has strangled Bart for years, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is brought in to effectuate a cure. Homer becomes so intimidated by his son that Bart starts to run wild, terrorizing his father and the school.


Episode 18 - The Great Simpsina

While trying to get rid of a wagonful of unwanted peaches, Lisa encounters an aging magician who teaches her long-forgotten tricks. Then she unwittingly betrays his secret to a hated young rival.


Episode 19 - The Real Housewives of Fat Tony

Selma's smartass behavior at the DMV leads to an unexpected romance with Fat Tony, and a trip to see Tony's relatives on the Jersey shore. Meanwhile, Lisa discovers Bart has truffle-sniffing abilities previously seen only in pigs -- abilities which lead him to be exploited by his sister.


Episode 20 - Homer Scissorhands

Homer discovers he has a natural gift for hairstyling. But he finds that the women in Springfield tell him more about their men than he wants to know. Meanwhile, Milhouse publicly declares his love for Lisa, is rejected, then is stunned to discover someone who likes him as much as he likes her. An equally stunned Lisa becomes obsessed with finding out just what Milhouse's new girlfriend sees in him.


Episode 21 - 500 Keys

The family discovers 500 old keys in a drawer and tries to find out what they do. Marge sets a farting novelty toy loose on the town, Homer achieves a lifelong dream as he pilots the Duff blimp, Bart is dismayed to find that every prank he tries to pull turns into a good deed, and Lisa uncovers a shocking mystery in the basement of the school.


Episode 22 - The Ned-Liest Catch

Bart's teacher and the Simpsons' neighbor start dating -- making Homer and Bart miserable. But her romantic past threatens to destroy her newfound love.


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