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Season 13 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Treehouse of Horror XII

On Halloween, the Simpsons are menaced by a computer controlling an automated house, a gypsy curses Homer, and Lisa and Bart find themselves in a Harry Potter-like adventure.


Episode 2 - The Parent Rap

When Bart is arrested for joyriding, a no-nonsense judge orders Homer to be shackled to his son 24/7.


Episode 3 - Homer the Moe

When Moe returns to bartending school, Homer is put in charge of the bar. When Moe returns and attempts to “hippen up” his bar, a disgruntled Homer leads the barflies to his own makeshift watering hole.


Episode 4 - A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love

Homer becomes a fortune cookie author and writes a fortune that inspires Burns to go out and find love. But the love Burns finds is a woman who turns out to be the girlfriend of the violent convict Snake.


Episode 5 - The Blunder Years

Undergoing hypnosis, Homer recalls a dead body he saw years ago. Trying to resolve the mystery leads him on a trail back to Mr. Burns. Meanwhile, Marge gets a crush on the handsome man on a paper towel wrapper.


Episode 6 - She of little Faith

When Homer and Bart’s attempts at model rocketry go awry, they enlist the help of nerds who soup up the rocket so much it destroys the church. To raise money, Reverend Lovejoy turns his finances over to Mr. Burns, who commercializes the church so much an offended Lisa leaves and becomes a Buddhist.


Episode 7 - Brawl in the Family

When the Simpsons are confined to their home, they begin to brawl violently and a social worker is called in. He solves their problems – only to have Marge get more upset than ever when the waitress Homer married in Vegas shows up at the door.


Episode 8 - Sweets and Sour Marge

Springfield enters the Duff Book of World Records as the world’s fattest town, leading Marge to attempt to place a ban on sugar.


Episode 9 - Jaws Wired Shut

Homer’s jaw is broken when he runs into a statue. Unable to speak, he becomes a better man, which surprisingly leads Marge to miss the old him.


Episode 10 - Half-Decent Proposal

Marge’s old beau, Artie Ziff, now a high-tech billionaire, offers Homer a million dollars if he will let Artie spend a weekend with Marge to try to convince her he made a mistake.


Episode 11 - The Bart Wants What It Wants

Bart starts dating Rainier Wolfcastle’s daughter, which Homer loves, but Bart is not all that thrilled about. When Bart dumps her, and she starts dating Milhouse, Bart travels to Toronto to try to win her back.


Episode 12 - The Latest Gun in the West

Fleeing a dog that hates him for no reason, Bart meets a faded Western star. With Marge’s help, Bart tries to get him off booze and start him on a better life.


Episode 13 - The Old Man and the Key

To impress a woman he fancies at the senior home, Grampa borrows Homer’s car, which he wrecks. He flees with Bart to Branson, Missouri, where the Simpsons encounter forgotten stars of yesteryear.


Episode 14 - Tales from the Public Domain

In this retelling of three classic tales from world history, Homer goes on the original Odyssey, Lisa meets a fiery fate as Joan of Arc, and Bart becomes the procrastinating prince of Denmark, Hamlet.


Episode 15 - Blame It On Lisa

A huge phone bill leads the Simpsons to discover that Lisa has been sponsoring an orphan in Brazil. Traveling to Rio, they encounter multicolored rats and rampaging monkeys in the episode that offended a nation.


Episode 16 - Weekend At Burnsie's

After being attacked by crows, Homer becomes addicted to medicinal marijuana prescribed by Dr. Hibbert. When Homer and his fellow stoners fail to vote in a referendum, the drug is recriminalized and Homer must go cold turkey.


Episode 17 - Gump Roast

Two of the great simpletons of contemporary popular culture, Homer Simpson and Forrest Gump, come together in this "clip show" built around highlights from past episodes of The Simpsons.


Episode 18 - I Am Furious (Yellow)

Inspired by a highly successful cartoonist who visits his school, Bart creates an embarrassing Internet cartoon, “Angry Dad,” based on Homer. Meanwhile, Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee visits Comic Book Guy’s store – and won’t leave.


Episode 19 - The Sweetest Apu

Apu has an affair with a woman who delivers Squishees to his store. The Simpsons try to help him reconcile with his wife.


Episode 20 - The Little Girl in the Big Ten

Lisa is befriended by college gymnasts who think she is one of them. Meanwhile, Bart is forced to live in a plastic bubble, isolated from the rest of the world.


Episode 21 - The Frying Game

When Homer attacks a Scream Pillar living in his backyard, he is ordered to do community service, where he befriends a needy elderly woman. When she is killed, Homer is blamed for her murder and sentenced to death.


Episode 22 - Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge

Losing all confidence in the local constabulary, Homer forms his own security company -- Springshield -- which subsequently replaces the police.


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