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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Treehouse of Horror VII

In this annual terror-themed trilogy, Bart and Lisa discover an evil creature living in the attic, Lisa inadvertently creates a miniature civilization, and aliens Kang and Kodos run for President of the United States.


Episode 2 - You Only Move Twice

Homer gets a new job and the family moves -- only to find out his new employer is an evil millionaire intent on ruling the world.


Episode 3 - The Homer They Fall

Homer displays an amazing ability to take a punch, which spurs Moe to urge Homer to become a professional boxer. But when Homer is about to be killed by heavyweight champion Drederick Tatum, Moe decides they’ve had enough.


Episode 4 - Burns, Baby Burns

The Simpsons are amazed to discover that Mr. Burns has a long-lost son, Larry. Burns is slow to embrace his offspring, and despite Homer’s best attempts, they do not reconcile.


Episode 5 - Bart after Dark

Bart gets a job at the Maison Derriere, an after-hours club of ill repute, much to Marge’s chagrin. Featuring the Emmy-winning song, “The Spring in Springfield.”


Episode 6 - A Milhouse Divided

Milhouse’s parents reveal that they are divorcing. Homer becomes concerned that his own marriage is in trouble, but breathes easier when Marge agrees to renew their vows.


Episode 7 - Lisa's Date With Density

Against all her best instincts, Lisa has a puppy-love romance with bully Nelson Muntz. Meanwhile, Homer’s use of a telephone auto-dialer runs him afoul of the law.


Episode 8 - Hurricane Neddy

A hurricane blows through Springfield, destroying Ned Flanders’ home, but leaving the Simpsons unscathed. The pious Ned is so outraged by the unfairness of this that he winds up in an asylum.


Episode 9 - The Mysterious Voyage of Our Homer

Homer eats some ultra-hot chili, which immerses him in an out-of body experience reminiscent of Carlos Castaneda. In Homer’s vision, a talking coyote urges Homer to find his soul mate, which, after several false starts, he finally does.


Episode 10 - The Springfield Files

Homer sees an extraterrestrial, but no one in town believes him. He camps out with Bart, and they discover the surprising truth.


Episode 11 - The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson

Marge starts a pretzel franchise, but her attempts to make money are thwarted by a group of women known as the Springfield Investorettes. To help his wife, Homer recruits the assistance of mob boss Fat Tony.


Episode 12 - Mountain Of Madness

Mr. Burns orders his employees to attend a survivalist company retreat. An avalanche traps Homer and Burns together in a small mountainside cabin.


Episode 13 - Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-(ANNOYED GRUNT)cious

Marge’s hair begins to fall out from the stress of raising her children. A singing nanny, Shary Bobbins, mysteriously arrives to help.


Episode 14 - The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show

Attempting to update the appeal of Itchy & Scratchy cartoons, their writers add a new character. Their creation -- a hip, surfboarding dog -- is voiced by none other than Homer Simpson.


Episode 15 - Homer’s Phobia

Homer begins to suspect that Bart is gay. When a visit to a steel mill to boost Bart's manliness backfires, Homer takes his son on a camping trip to "straighten him out."


Episode 16 - The Brother from Another Series

Bart’s nemesis Sideshow Bob returns, this time with his evil brother, Cecil. Though Bob has reformed, Cecil attempts to blow up the Springfield dam, only to be foiled by his brother, as he has been so many times.


Episode 17 - My Sister, My Sitter

Homer and Marge go out, and because Lisa is more responsible, they put her in charge of Bart. Under her care, the disgruntled Bart nearly kills himself.


Episode 18 - Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment

A St. Patrick's Day riot leads Springfield to reinstate Prohibition. Homer becomes a notorious bootlegger known as the Beer Baron.


Episode 19 - Grade School Confidential

Bart’s principal and his teacher begin a secret romance. When Bart reveals it to the world, the two of them nearly lose their jobs.


Episode 20 - The Canine Mutiny

Bart’s new dog, Laddie, is so impressive that Bart gives away Santa’s Little Helper. When Bart decides to get his old dog back, he discovers that Santa’s Little Helper is now living with a blind man who doesn’t want to give him up.


Episode 21 - The Old Man and the Lisa

Burns loses all his money and must move into the decrepit Springfield Retirement Castle. Vowing to make back his fortune, Burns does it -- with Lisa’s help -- through recycling


Episode 22 - In Marge We Trust

Marge attempts to assist Reverend Lovejoy and becomes more popular with his congregation than the Reverend is. Meanwhile, Homer is befuddled by his apparent likeness on a box of Japanese dish soap.


Episode 23 - Homer’s Enemy

A new employee at the nuclear plant, Frank Grimes, is disgusted by Homer’s laziness and popularity. Grimes’ spite gets the better of him, but Homer was never aware of just how much he was hated.


Episode 24 - The Simpsons Spin-offShowcase

In this trilogy of Simpsons spin-offs that never made it, Chief Wiggum gets his own cop show, Grampa’s spirit inhabits the Love Tester at Moe’s, and the family gets a smarmy variety show -- complete with a new Lisa.


Episode 25 - The Secret War of Lisa Simpson

A destructive prank gets Bart sent to a military school. Lisa joins as well, but is intimidated by a difficult physical test.


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