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The Simpsons Season 26 Episodes

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Season 26 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Clown in the Dumps

A death in Springfield has serious repercussions. Couch gag by Don Hertzfeldt.


Episode 2 - The Wreck of the Relationship

Bart and Homer stage a titanic struggle over a piece of broccoli. They try to repair their relationship on a father/son cruise.


Episode 3 - Super Franchise Me

Marge manages a fast-food sandwich franchise but runs into disaster when the chain lets the Spucklers open an outlet across the street


Episode 4 - Treehouse of Horror XXV

In the annual Halloween trilogy, Bart goes to school in Hell, and loves it, Moe is a sad old hoodlum in "A Clockwork Yellow," and the house is haunted by the Tracey Ullman Show Simpsons of days long past.


Episode 5 - Opposites a-Frack

When fire bursts through the Simpsons' water supply, they discover Mr. Burns has been extracting shale oil from the ground below. To politically support his actions, Burns woos a liberal congresswoman (voiced by Jane Fonda).


Episode 6 - Simpsorama

The long-awaited Simpsons/Futurama crossover. The Planet Express crew travels back in time to discover, and kill, the present-day Simpson who has ruined the future.


Episode 7 - Blazed and Confused

Bart gets a psychotic new teacher (guest voice Willem Dafoe). The Simpsons find themselves trapped at a poor man's Burning Man.


Episode 8 - Covercraft

Homer forms a cover band with other dads in the neighborhood. Then frontman Apu is poached.


Episode 9 - I Won't Be Home for Christmas

A needy Moe keeps Homer late at the bar on Christmas Eve and Marge won't let him come home. Homer embarks on a Christmas Eve odyssey of Springfield's lonely denizens.


Episode 10 - The Man Who Came to Be Dinner

The Simpsons visit the home planet of aliens Kang and Kodos.  Homer must make the ultimate sacrifice to save his family.


Episode 11 - Bart's New Friend

Homer regresses to the mind of a ten year old and becomes Bart's best friend. Bart learns that his father is sweeter and cooler than he ever knew.


Episode 12 - The Musk Who Fell to Earth

Tesla founder Elon Musk lands in Springfield and magically transforms the town into a dystopia. His business partner, Mr. Burns, is ruined and seeks revenge.


Episode 13 - Walking Big & Tall

A group of wide priders teach Homer it's okay to be plus sized. Meanwhile, Lisa and Bart write a new anthem for Springfield.


Episode 14 - My Fare Lady

Marge starts driving for pay but runs afoul of Springfield's cabbies. Meanwhile, Moe's Tavern is destroyed on Ladies’ Night.


Episode 15 - The Princess Guide

Moe befriends a Nigerian princess whose father has come to make a uranium deal with Mr. Burns. Meanwhile Smithers hopes to retire with Burns to a South Sea Island.


Episode 16 - Sky Police

Chief Wiggum accidentally gets a jet pack. Meanwhile, the First Church of Springfield turns to card-counting to make money.


Episode 17 - Waiting for Duffman

When Springfield's resident Duffman is forced to retire, Homer is thrilled to get the job. Amazingly he doesn't keep it!


Episode 18 - Peeping Mom

When Marge suspects Bart isn't being honest with her, she becomes a relentless mother. Meanwhile Flanders gets a new dog who loves Homer.


Episode 19 - The Kids Are All Fight

When Homer gets an old film roll developed, the family takes a trip down memory lane to see the origins of how Bart and Lisa first started fighting with each other.


Episode 20 - Let's Go Fly a Coot

Members of Grampa's World War II unit attempt to teach Homer respect for his father. Meanwhile, Bart gets addicted to kid-friendly e-cigarettes.


Episode 21 - Bull-E

Marge's attempt to ban bullying lands half the town in jail. Homer must address the way he has treated Ned Flanders. Guest stars Albert Brooks and Joe Mantegna.


Episode 22 - Mathlete's Feat

Springfield Elementary loses its electronic devices and becomes a Waldorf school. Willie becomes math team coach and the meet-clinching puzzle has a surprising solution.​


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