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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Kamp Krusty

Bart and Lisa go off for the summer to Krusty's camp for kids, but instead of meeting Krusty, they meet his bean-counting surrogate, Mr. Black. With their children gone, Homer and Marge enjoy a romantic summer, but Bart and Lisa are put to work making crummy merchandise, until Krusty returns and sets things right -- by taking the kids to Tijuana.


Episode 2 - A Streetcar Named Marge

Marge wins the lead in a musical production of "A Street Names Desire." While rehearsing, Marge sticks Maggie in the Ayn Rand Day Care Center, where her pacifier is immediately taken from her.


Episode 3 - Homer the Heretic

Homer decides not to go to church one Sunday and has the greatest morning of his life. He continues to avoid services, causing Marge to worry about the fate of his soul. Then, one Sunday, Homer inadvertently burns the house down, and is saved by the heroism of the local fire department, manned by volunteers of all faiths.


Episode 4 - Lisa the Beauty Queen

After a caricature artist does an unflattering portrait of Lisa, she enters a junior beauty pageant to regain her self-esteem.


Episode 5 - Treehouse of Horror III

In "Clown Without Pity," a Krusty the Clown doll goes berserk in the Simpson home. In "King Homer," Marge is wooed by a giant ape. In "Dial 'Z' for Zombies," Lisa's attempt to bring back her dead cat turns the town of Springfield into a pack of marauding zombies.


Episode 6 - Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie

When Bart's negligence sends Maggie careening down the street in a runaway car, Homer forbids Bart from seeing the new film about Itchy and Scratchy.


Episode 7 - Marge Gets a Job

Marge gets a job at the nuclear plant, where Mr. Burns develops a crush on her. He kidnaps her idol, Tom Jones, in a futile attempt to win her away from Homer. Meanwhile, Bart becomes the boy who cried "wolf" -- literally.


Episode 8 - New Kid On the Block

A single mom moves in next door to the Simpsons, with a teenage daughter Bart falls for. Unfortunately for him, she has a crush on Jimbo Jones. Meanwhile, Homer sues an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant when it won’t let him eat all he can eat.


Episode 9 - Mr. Plow

Homer starts a thriving snowplow business, only to have his best friend Barney start a rival service, complete with commercials featuring Linda Ronstadt. Homer is so jealous he sends Barney into an avalanche and certain death, then repents and risks his own life to save his friend's.


Episode 10 - Lisa's First Word

In this flashback episode, we see the birth of Lisa and young Bart's jealousy towards her. But he softens when he hears her first word: "Bart." Then we hear (but no one else does) Maggie's first word.


Episode 11 - Homer's Triple Bypass

Homer has a heart attack, leaving him near death. He must get a bypass operation, but is only able to afford the cut-rate doctor, Nick Riviera. But, guided by Lisa, Dr. Nick performs the surgery and saves Homer's life.


Episode 12 - Marge vs. the Monorail

A fast-talking con man, Lyle Lanley, sells the people of Springfield a monorail, and Homer is thrilled to be the conductor. Marge warns that the monorail is a mistake, and is proven correct when it speeds out of control, with a VIP passenger aboard.


Episode 13 - Selma's Choice

A death in Marge's family sends the Simpsons to a funeral, and makes Selma wonder if she should have a child before it's too late . But after she takes Bart and Lisa to the Duff Gardens theme park -- where Lisa drinks water on a ride and goes berserk -- Selma scratches her maternal itch with a pet iguana.


Episode 14 - Brother from the Same Planet

When Homer is late picking Bart up from soccer, Bart decides to get a "Big Brother" who'll take care of him. Out of jealousy, Homer gets a "Little Brother," and then gets in a knock-down drag-out fight with Bart's Big Brother. Meanwhile, Lisa runs up a huge phone bill calling a 900 line run by a teen film star.


Episode 15 - I Love Lisa

Feeling sorry for luckless classmate Ralph Wiggum, Lisa gives him a valentine. He develops a huge crush on her, which ends unhappily when she tells him that she doesn't reciprocate on a Krusty the Clown anniversary special. Ralph's dad, Police Chief Wiggum, takes vengeance on Homer, but in the end the kids agree to be friends.


Episode 16 - Duffless

After skipping work for a Duff Brewery tour, Homer is arrested for driving while intoxicated. He is at first miserable, but uses the opportunity to find out what life is like without beer. Meanwhile, Lisa makes Bart the subject of a Clockwork Orange-style science fair project.


Episode 17 - Last Exit to Springfield

Lisa goes to the dentist and learns that she needs braces. At the same time, Mr. Burns tries to remove the dental plan from the plant employees' benefits, and an upset Homer becomes a union leader, taking the workers out on a strike. Burns tries to run the plant with robots, but cannot dent the workers' resolve, and agrees to restore the dental plan if Homer will resign as union leader.


Episode 18 - So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show

In this April Fool's Day-themes clip show, Bart shakes up a bottle of beer, intending to soak Homer, but winds up putting his father into a coma. The family reminisces about the past while waiting at Homer's bedside.


Episode 19 - The Front

Bart and Lisa write Itchy & Scratchy cartoons using Grampa to submit them to the studio. But when one wins an award, Grampa is appalled to see what he has been putting his name on. Also contains a short, short feature entitled "The Adventures of Ned Flanders."


Episode 20 - Whacking Day

Springfield engages in an annual ritual of whacking at snakes with sticks -- a ritual Lisa is determined to stop. Meanwhile, Bart is kicked out of school after a prank and home-schooled by Marge.


Episode 21 - Krusty Gets Kancelled

Marge inadvertently shoplifts from the Kwik-E-Mart and is sent to a women's prison, leaving the family to fend for themselves.


Episode 22 - Marge in Chains

A rival TV show starring an incredibly talented ventriloquist's dummy goes on opposite Krusty, and he is taken off the air. Bart and Lisa decide he must do a comeback special to save his career. They enlist the help of celebrities and the special is a huge success.


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