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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Who Shot Mr. Burns?, Pt. 2

In the conclusion of the cliff-hanger which ended season six, we learn the identity of Mr. Burns’ mysterious assailant. The culprit turns out to be the sweetest little suspect of all.


Episode 2 - Radioactive Man

A movie based on comic book character Radioactive Man is filmed in Springfield. Much to Bart’s chagrin, the coveted part of the hero’s sidekick, Fallout Boy, goes not to him but to Milhouse.


Episode 3 - Home Sweet Homediddly-dum-doodily

After a series of misadventures, the Simpson children are put in the custody of Ned and Maude Flanders. Learning that none of the children have been baptized, Ned sets up a baptism — which Homer and Marge thwart just in time.


Episode 4 - Bart Sells His Soul

After perpetrating a prank on the First Church of Springfield, Bart sells his soul to Milhouse for five dollars. Bart comes to regret his decision, and goes on a desperate quest to regain his soul. In the end, he gets it back with the help of an unexpected source.


Episode 5 - Lisa the Vegetarian

After a trip to a petting zoo, Lisa is unable to eat lamb. This exposes her to ridicule and resentment from her father and friends. But with help from vegetarians such as Apuand Paul and Linda McCartney, she stays true to her new path.


Episode 6 - Treehouse of Horror VI

In this annual Halloween-themed trilogy, advertising logos attack Springfield, Groundskeeper Willie terrorizes Springfield school children in their dreams, and Homer enters a terrifying three-dimensional world.


Episode 7 - King-Size Homer

Homer gains weight in order to claim a disability and work at home. But then he finds that he cannot fit into his clothes and his life is falling apart — the only thing he is good for is sealing leaks at the nuclear power plant with his gigantic butt.


Episode 8 - Mother Simpson

Homer’s mother, who abandoned him when he was young, returns to the Simpsons. The family learns that she was a radical in the 1960s who fled town after destroying Mr. Burns’ germ warfare lab. Then Homer is dismayed to lose his mother, just after being united with her again.


Episode 9 - Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming

The Simpsons’ nemesis, Sideshow Bob, returns to threaten Springfield with a nuclear bomb. Then Bob tries to destroy Krusty with the Wright Brothers’ plane, but fails yet again.


Episode 10 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular

Troy McClure hosts this retrospective featuring never-before-seen clips and outtakes from “The Simpsons.” Troy also answers viewer mail and reveals alternate endings for the “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” cliff-hanger.


Episode 11 - Marge be not Proud

The Simpsons go to the local mall to get a family photo taken, but Bart is arrested for shoplifting. His mother’s disappointment in him is extreme, and a dismayed Bart desperately tries to win back her respect.


Episode 12 - Team Homer

Homer organizes a bowling team, but is forced to include Mr. Burns in order to raise the money for the entry fee. Meanwhile, Bart wears a sassy T-shirt to school, leading Principal Skinner to institute a dress code.


Episode 13 - Two Bad Neighbors

Former President George H.W. Bush buys a home across the street from the Simpsons. Bush takes a disliking to Bart and spanks him, leading to a fistfight between Homer and the 41st president.


Episode 14 - Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield

Marge buys a Chanel suit at a discount and is invited to join a country club. At the club, Homer discovers that Mr. Burns cheats at golf, while Marge discovers she doesn’t really fit in with upper-class life.


Episode 15 - Bart the Fink

Bart’s attempt to get Krusty’s autograph inadvertently leads to Krusty’s indictment for tax evasion. Krusty fakes his death, but he is tracked down by Bart, who convinces him to return to society.


Episode 16 - Lisa the Iconoclast

Lisa discovers that Jebediah Springfield, the founder of her town, was in reality a terrible man. But she decides to keep her findings secret to protect the town’s image of its hero.


Episode 17 - Homer the Smithers

An overworked Smithers takes a vacation and is replaced by Homer. Burns decides he no longer needs Smithers and fires him upon his return. But when Burns falls out a window after a fight between Homer and Smithers, he becomes dependent upon his long-time aide once again.


Episode 18 - The Day the Violence Died

Bart meets Chester J. Lampwick, the actual creator of Itchy and Scratchy. When Lampwick, with Bart and Lisa’s help, wins a suit against Itchy & Scratchy Studios, they are forced to shut down and cease production of their cartoon.


Episode 19 - A Fish called Selma

Actor Troy McClure marries Marge’s sister in order to conceal a peculiar sexual fetish of his from the world. But in the end, she decides she would rather not remain in a loveless union.


Episode 20 - Bart on the Road

While spending time with his aunts at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Bart creates a fake driver’s license. He uses it to rent a car and drive to Knoxville, Tennessee, thinking it is still hosting the World’s Fair, and he must be rescued by Lisa and Homer.


Episode 21 - 22 Short about Springfield

In a series of short, interconnected stories featuring various Springfielders, we see, among other things, Principal Skinner invite Superintendent Chalmers over for dinner, Maggie get locked in a newspaper box, and Nelson the bully get a taste of his own medicine.


Episode 22 - Raging Abe Simpsons and his Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"

Grampa reveals that he stands to inherit a small fortune as the last survivor of his old army unit — assuming Mr. Burns dies before he does. Burns and Grampa tussle over the treasure, until the U.S. government arrives on the scene to return it to its true owner.


Episode 23 - Much Apu about Nothing

Springfield passes an ordinance outlawing illegal immigrants. Apu is worried that he will be deported and tries desperately to pass a citizenship test.


Episode 24 - Homerpalooza

Homer accompanies popular rock bands around the country, entertainingaudiences by catching cannonballs in his stomach. When the show gets to Springfield, however, Homer decides to quit for the sake of his family.


Episode 25 - Summer of 4'2"

The Simpsons rent a summer cottage. Hanging around with a new set of kids, Lisa becomes popular, while Bart is uncool and nerdy. Bart tries to sabotage his sister’s newfound acceptance, but fails.


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