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The Simpsons Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

The family travels to New York to get Homer’s car back. Homer recalls a terrifying experience he had in Manhattan when he was younger.


Episode 2 - The Principle and the Pauper

The people of Springfield are stunned to learn the man they believed was Seymour Skinner may not be who they thought. The man they knew as Skinner flees to Capital City until the Simpsons get him back.


Episode 3 - Lisa's Sax

Lisa’s saxophone is destroyed and her family tells her how she came to get it. Then Homer must choose between an air conditioner and replacing Lisa’s instrument.


Episode 4 - Treehouse of Horror VIII

In “The Homega Man,” Homer must confront a post-apocalyptic Springfield. Bart becomes half-boy, half-fly in “Fly vs. Fly.” And we learn a shocking secret about Marge and her sisters in “Easy-Bake Coven.”


Episode 5 - The Cartridge Family

A soccer riot leads Homer to decide he needs a gun to protect his family. Marge makes him promise to get rid of it, but he defies her.


Episode 6 - Bart Star

Bart joins a junior-league football team. When Homer becomes coach, he replaces quarterback Nelson with the less talented Bart.


Episode 7 - The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

Apu’s pre-arranged bride, Manjula, comes to Springfield. After trying to escape the match, Apu agrees to be married at the Simpsons’ home.


Episode 8 - Lisa the Skeptic

A skeleton is discovered in Springfield that seems to have come from an angel. Lisa is sure there is a rational explanation, but her beliefs are sorely tested.


Episode 9 - Realty Bites

Marge becomes a real estate agent, but is too honest for the job. Meanwhile, Homer buys a vintage convertible at a seized property auction.


Episode 10 - Miracle On Evergreen Terrace

When Bart burns down the Simpson Christmas tree, he refuses to admit the truth. The town takes pity on the Simpsons, then are furious when they realize they have been fooled.


Episode 11 - All Singing, All Dancing

Homer rents a Clint Eastwood movie only to discover it is a musical. Featuring clips from past music themed episodes of “The Simpsons.”


Episode 12 - Bart Carny

The Simpsons lose their home to a crafty carnival roadie and his son, and must then outwit them to get back their home.


Episode 13 - The Joy of Sect

Homer is lured into a cult that grows popular in Springfield. When Marge deprograms Homer, he gets the cult to disband.


Episode 14 - Das Bus

The Springfield Elementary school bus crashes, stranding the children on a deserted island. Meanwhile, Homer takes on Bill Gates and is crushed like a bug.


Episode 15 - The Last Temptation of Krusty

Krusty realizes that his material is no longer young and hip. He attempts to reconnect with his audience, but in the end reverts to his old ways.


Episode 16 - Dumbbell Indemnity

To support a new girlfriend, Moe attempts insurance fraud. He lets Homer take the rap for his crime, and Homer plots revenge..


Episode 17 - Lisa the Simpson

Lisa is horrified to learn that she might be losing her intelligence. Then she is relieved to learn that smarts in the Simpson family are passed down in a very surprising manner.


Episode 18 - This Little Wiggy

Bart befriends Ralph Wiggum and gets a master key to the town. Their explorations lead them to endanger the mayor’s life.


Episode 19 - Simpson Tide

Homer and his friends join the Naval Reserve. Homer seizes control of a nuclear sub and causes an international incident.


Episode 20 - The Trouble with Trillions

Homer’s poorly-prepared tax return leads to an IRS audit. Homer helps entrap Burns and learns of the existence of a mysterious trillion-dollar bill.


Episode 21 - Girly Edition

Bart and Lisa land jobs doing a children’s edition of the evening news. Meanwhile, Homer obtains a helper monkey, Mojo.


Episode 22 - Trash of the Titans

In the 200th episode of the series, Homer becomes the sanitation commissioner for Springfield. His ineptitude pollutes the town and leads to a drastic solution.


Episode 23 - King of the Hill

Homer attempts to get into shape by eating nutritional bars and working out. Overconfident in his newfound physique, Homer agrees to climb Springfield’s towering Murderhorn.


Episode 24 - Lost Our Lisa

Lisa gets lost in a strange part of town and Homer must get her back. Then she and Homer discover an age-old secret.


Episode 25 - Natural Born Kissers

Marge and Homer discover that public canoodling restores the passion in their marriage. They are forced to flee naked across town.


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