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Season 15 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Treehouse of Horror XIV

In the fearsome fourteenth installment of this annual anthology, Homer becomes Death — and is ordered to kill Marge Professor Frink’s father goes Zombie on the Nobel Prize ceremony, and in “Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off,” Bart and Milhouse discover what it’s like to stop everything in the universe — except themselves.


Episode 2 - My Mother the Carjacker

Homer’s mother returns, and he finally achieves his dream of having her live in his house once more — only to lose her yet again.


Episode 3 - The President Wore Pearls

In this musical, ever-so-slightly based on the life of Evita Perón, Lisa runs for Class President, and is elected — but when she discovers Skinner’s plans to reduce the budget, she leads a student strike and is banished to a school for the gifted and troublesome.


Episode 4 - The Regina Monologues

Mr. Burns loses a thousand-dollar bill, and Bart earns enough charging people to see it that he can afford to take the Simpsons to England. While there, like all visitors, they encounter J.K. Rowling, Sir Ian McKellen and Prime Minister Tony Blair — and then Homer smashes into the Queen’s coach and is imprisoned in the Tower of London.


Episode 5 - The Fat and the Furriest

Homer creates an enormous disgusting ball of candy, and Marge orders him to take it to the dump. While there he is attacked by a bear, and builds a suit designed to enable him to get revenge on the beast and conquer his fears.


Episode 6 - Today I Am a Clown

Krusty reveals that he has never been bar mitzvahed, and he agrees to do so as part of a network TV special, with the help of his father and Mr. T. Meanwhile, Homer replaces Krusty on the Sabbath with a talk show featuring him and his friends.


Episode 7 - Tis The Fifteenth Season

Homer spends all the family Christmas money on an astrolabe, then, inspired by Mr. McGrew’s version of “A Christmas Carol” he resolves to become the nicest man in town — to the irritation of the current nicest man, Ned Flanders.


Episode 8 - Marge Versus Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays

A children’s concert that Marge takes Maggie to erupts in an Altamont-style riot. The town’s reaction leads childless townspeople to protest how much of their taxes go to families, resulting in a climactic ballot measure to decide the direction of Springfield.


Episode 9 - I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot

In an effort to win his son’s love, Homer disguises himself as a robot to enter a violent battle-bot contest, and pays a huge physical price. Meanwhile, Lisa encounters a series of cats that have far less than nine lives.


Episode 10 - Diatribe of a Mad HouseWife

Homer becomes an ambulance driver, while Marge writes a successful novel in which Homer is the thinly-disguised villain, and Flanders the hero.


Episode 11 - Margical History Tour

In this anthology of historical stories, Homer, as Henry VIII, cannot find a wife who will bear him a son; Lisa, as Sacagawea, is the brains behind Lenny Lewis and Carl Clark, and Bart is an Amadeus -inspired, boorishly-behaving Mozart.


Episode 12 - Milhouse Doesn't Live Hear Anymore

Milhouse moves, and Bart is devastated. Meanwhile, Homer earns a small fortune as a beggar.


Episode 13 - Smart & Smarter

Lisa is stunned to discover that Maggie is the smartest one in the family. She runs away to live in the museum and her family must go through a giant human body to rescue her.


Episode 14 - The Ziff Who Came to Dinner

After taking the Flanders boys to an inappropriately scary movie, Homer finds Marge’s old flame Artie Ziff living in his attic. Artie tries to get Homer to take the fall for his failing high-tech company, but after a dalliance with Selma, he decides to do the right thing.


Episode 15 - Co-Dependents' Day

Bart and Lisa are so disappointed by the latest Cosmic Wars movie that they travel to wine country to complain to the filmmaker. During a winery tour, Marge and Homer discover they share a love of drinking, which initially bonds them, but then becomes an alcoholic nightmare for both.


Episode 16 - The Wandering Juvie

Bart is sentenced to juvenile hall, where he is shackled to a very tough girl who despises —and has a crush on — him.


Episode 17 - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Skinner finally agrees to marry Edna… but gets cold feet and blows the deal. She rebounds with Comic Book Guy, leading to a climactic battle at Comic-Con.


Episode 18 - Catch 'Em If You Can

Homer and Marge decide they could really use a break from Bart and Lisa, leading the infuriated kids to follow them on an epic, cross-country chase.


Episode 19 - Simple Simpson

When Lisa is humiliated by a judge at a county fair, Homer gets revenge by anonymously pie-ing the villain. He becomes a superhero, until his identity is discovered and his powers abused by Mr. Burns.


Episode 20 - The Way We Weren't

In this flashback episode, we learn that Homer and Marge met as kids -- an encounter that did not end well. The memory of this meeting threatens to derail their marriage in the present, until Marge learns how much Homer has always loved her.


Episode 21 - Bart-Mangled Banner

When Bart inadvertently moons the flag, he becomes a national focus of rage, and the Simpsons are exiled to a post 9-11 secret internment camp.


Episode 22 - Fraudcast News

Mr. Burns attempts to control all the media in Springfield, but cannot get his hands on Lisa’s little newspaper.


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