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Season 14 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Treehouse of Horror XIII

In "Send in the Clones,” Springfield is faced with a hungry horde of Homers. In "The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms,” Springfield bans guns. Finally, in “The Island of Dr. Hibbert,”  the people of Springfield become half-human/ half-animal monstrosities.


Episode 2 - How I Spent My Strummer Vacation

When a hidden camera films Homer during a cab ride, he confesses his resentment that his family came between him and his rock ‘n’ roll dreams. To his surprise, Marge enrolls him in an adult rock ‘n’ roll fantasy camp run by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. But, in Homer, the rock stars have met their match in violent decadence.


Episode 3 - Bart vs. Lisa The Third Grade

Bart is demoted to third grade while Lisa is advanced to the same class. They are both extremely unhappy with the situation, which is exacerbated when they are made “buddies” on a field trip to the state capital.


Episode 4 - Large Marge

Marge accidentally gets implants that feminize her Olive Oyl figure, and decides to leave them in. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse imitate unsafe behavior they saw Krusty display on an old TV show, and Krusty must come up with a way to rehabilitate his image. He decides to stage a rescue from a rampaging elephant, but when the elephant gets out of control, Marge’s new knockers come to the rescue.


Episode 5 - Helter Shelter

When the Simpson home is tented for termites, they agree to go on a reality show in exchange for a place to live. The show forces the Simpsons to live as people did a hundred years ago, and the horror of it nearly splits the nuclear family apart.


Episode 6 - The Great Louse Detective

When someone attempts to murder Homer at a free weekend spa vacation, the police go to Sideshow Bob to help find the culprit. Working with the Simpsons, Bob discovers a surprising enemy from the family’s past — then must decide if he wishes to exact a revenge of his own.


Episode 7 - Special Edna

Bart tries to cheer up a dejected Mrs. Krabappel by entering her in a competition for Teacher of the Year. Surprisingly, she is nominated, and invited to the ceremony at EFCOT Center. Skinner follows, afraid that they may break up, and they reconcile, with the help of Little Richard.


Episode 8 - The Dad Who Knew Too Little

When Homer gives Lisa an inappropriate birthday gift, he realizes how little he knows about his daughter. He hires a private detective to get information on her, but when Homer tries to stiff the P.I. for expenses, he and Lisa are framed for a crime they didn’t commit.


Episode 9 - The Strong Arms of the Ma

A terrifying mugging makes Marge afraid to leave the house. She starts to lift weights to regain her confidence, but an addiction to steroids proves even more harmful than her agoraphobia.


Episode 10 - Pray Anything

When Ned Flanders wins a huge sum of money at a WNBA game, Homer decides that the power of prayer can answer any problem. Homer finds that all his prayers are indeed answered, and, in fact, he is given the deed to the church. Living in the church, Homer becomes more and more sacrilegious, until a cleansing rain — perhaps from God Himself — makes matters right.


Episode 11 - Barting Over

Telecast as the 300th episode of The Simpsons, “Barting Over” has Bart learning that he was once a child star whose earnings were squandered by Homer. Bart sues to become legally emancipated and Homer can only win him back with the help of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.


Episode 12 - I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can

Lisa wins the state spelling finals, and is invited to the Spellympics, hosted by Renaissance man George Plimpton. Meanwhile, Homer is preoccupied with following a rib sandwich around participating Krusty Burger franchises.


Episode 13 - A Star Is Born-Again

When a left-handed movie star wanders into Ned Flanders’ store, a romance blossoms. They spend an incredible night together, then Ned informs her that if she wants more of his milk, she’ll have to buy the cow.


Episode 14 - Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington

When the airport designs a new flight path right over the Simpsons’ home, the family convinces Krusty to run for Congress to remedy the situation. Once in Washington, Krusty is shocked — shocked! — to discover the system is corrupt.


Episode 15 - C.E.D'OH

On a lonely Valentine’s Day evening, Homer attends a life-altering seminar, which teaches him to take a more aggressive course towards success. He becomes the head of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, only to discover how lonely the life of the man at the top truly is.


Episode 16 - Scuse Me While I Miss The Sky

A documentary filmmaker comes to Springfield Elementary and turns Bart and Lisa’s worlds topsy-turvy. Bart decides he needs to steal mobster Fat Tony’s hood ornament to prove that he’s “cool,” while Lisa tries to reduce the creeping threat of light pollution.


Episode 17 - Three Gays Of The Condo

Homer discovers that Marge intended to break up with him while they were dating and is so upset he moves in with two gay roommates. Marge wins him back with the help of “Weird Al” Yankovic — and alcohol poisoning.


Episode 18 - Dude, Where's My Ranch?

Homer writes a song about Flanders that becomes so popular, the Simpsons leave town to avoid hearing it played. They make it to a dude ranch, where Lisa falls for an older boy, while Homer and Bart get involved in a range war with a herd of beavers.


Episode 19 - Old Yeller-Belly

When the cat saves Homer’s life during a fire, while the dog flees like a coward, Snowball II becomes a hero, and the dog is chained outside the Simpsons’ house. There he is discovered by beer magnate H.K. Duff and turned into a corporate spokesmodel. The dog’s original owner, last seen in “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire,” learns of Santa’s Little Helper’s success and comes forward to reclaim him.


Episode 20 - Brake My Wife, Please

Distracted by his in-car appliances, Homer gets into an accident and has his license suspended. He discovers that walking makes him happier and healthier, until he is hit by a car — driven by Marge! Homer realizes how much hidden resentment his wife has towards him, and throws her a feast to regain her love.


Episode 21 - The Bart of War

Bart and Milhouse discover that Ned Flanders has a secret, valuable Beatles collection — which they ruin. To provide them with more adult supervision, the boys are placed in separate youth groups — but when the groups go to war, Bart and Milhouse are turned against each other.


Episode 22 - Moe Baby Blues

A traffic jam arising from a once-in-a-century flower emanation causes Maggie to nearly fall in the river, only to be saved inadvertently by Moe. A friendship blossoms between the baby and the bartender, until the Simpsons decide it has gotten too intense, and order Moe not to see their little one any more, breaking his heart.


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