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Episode 1 - Bart Gets an "F"

Bart’s poor schoolwork prompts his teacher, Mrs. Krabappel, to threaten to hold him back in the fourth grade for an extra year. He falls behind while studying for a history test and prays to God for help. That night, a tremendous snowstorm hits Springfield, cancelling school the following day. But when Bart wants to go out and play, Lisa tells him he should stay home and study.


Episode 2 - Simpson and Delilah

Homer learns of a new anti-baldness drug, which he can only afford by cheating on his company health insurance. He grows a luxurious head of hair and is promoted by Mr. Burns. He gets an office with a gay male assistant, Karl, who develops a crush on him. But jealous Smithers discovers the secret of Homer’s success and gets the prescription cancelled.


Episode 3 - Treehouse of Horror

Bart and Lisa attempt to scare each other with tales of the macabre. The Simpsons inhabit a haunted home, which possesses their souls. The family accuses monsters of planning to eat them, but the offended aliens reveal they were only planning a meal for the family. And finally, in a satire of Poe’s “The Raven,” a grief-stricken Homer is tormented by bad bird Bart.


Episode 4 - Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish

When a three-eyed fish is discovered downstream from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, the plant is hit with sanctions. Mr. Burns realizes that if he becomes governor, he could control the regulations and brings in a team of consultants to help him take on the incumbent governor. His campaign event is dinner at the Simpson house where Marge serves Mr. Burns’ own three-eyed-fish to him.


Episode 5 - Dancin' Homer

The family attends a Springfield Isotopes baseball game, which a boozy Homer livens up. He becomes an official mascot for the team, boosting attendance and the team’s play. But when Homer attempts to crack the big time — the big city ballpark of Capital City — he strikes out. Yet he finds to his surprise that the experience has benefited him after all — his friends now consider him interesting.


Episode 6 - Dead Putting Society

Homer’s annoyance at his sweet lovable neighbor Ned Flanders grows completely out of bounds, so that when Bart and Ned’s son Todd both show interest in miniature golf, Homer bets Flanders that his son can beat Ned’s — and the loser has to mow the lawn in his wife’s dress. Lisa helps Bart train, using the principles of Zen, and when the big day comes, the boys are evenly matched.


Episode 7 - Bart vs. Thanksgiving

It’s a Thanksgiving at the Simpsons house with Homer betting on football, and Marge’s mother criticizing everything. Lisa has prepared a beautiful centerpiece, containing her feminist heroes, which a jealous Bart accidentally throws into the fire. Homer accuses Bart of ruining Thanksgiving, and Bart runs away from home, but the family grows frantic with fear while Bart roams throughout town.


Episode 8 - Bart the Daredevil

After Lisa's concert, the Simpsons rush out to a monster truck rally — only to arrive late and have their car eaten by a fire-breathing steam shovel known as Truckosaurus. Nonetheless, they watch the rest of the show, where Bart is awed by a reckless motorcycle daredevil named Lance Murdock. Bart imitates Murdock’s stunts on his skateboard, and, for the topper, decides to jump Springfield Gorge.


Episode 9 - Itchy & Scratchy & Marge

After watching a violent episode of Itchy and Scratchy, Marge starts a campaign to tone down the violence in cartoons. She succeeds, and Itchy and Scratchy become so boring that the children stop watching cartoons. Then Michelangelo’s statue of David begins a tour of Springfield and the same people who supported Marge’s campaign against cartoons now demand that David not be shown.


Episode 10 - Bart Gets Hit by a Car

Mr. Burns hits Bart with a car, and after regaining consciousness, Homer sues Mr. Burns. He invites the Simpsons over to discuss a settlement. Mr. Burns learns that Marge feels Homer is taking advantage of the situation, and he pays Homer nothing. Homer is distraught and wonders if he can still be with Marge.


Episode 11 - One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish

The family goes out for sushi where Homer eats a rare blowfish, whose flesh can be poison. Dr. Hibbert confirms Homer only has one day left to live, so Homer makes a list, intending to live that day to its fullest. He listens to Lisa’s saxophone, teaches Bart to shave, has a beer with the boys, reconciles with Grampa and is “intamit” with Marge. Finally, he sits down and waits for death.


Episode 12 - The Way We Was

Homer and Marge tell the kids the story of how they met. We flash back to 1974, where Marge is the object of affection of a class brain, Artie Ziff. Homer joins the debate team to get closer to her. But when Marge goes to the prom with Artie, Homer is left to fend for himself and he walks home in the mud. But when Artie tries to get fresh with Marge, she dumps him and picks Homer up instead.


Episode 13 - Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

Lisa is alarmed to learn that stealing can cost you your soul and grows more concerned when she observes stealing in everyday life, like her father's illegal cable hookup. Concerned for her family’s soul, she vows to no longer watch Homer’s illegal cable. But when Homer invites friends over to watch a heavweight fight, the sight of Lisa staring mournfully from the front yard robs him of his joy.


Episode 14 - Principal Charming

Marge puts Homer to work trying to fix her sister up. Homer rejects various suitors, but when called into a meeting with Principal Skinner, Homer realizes he is an ideal candidate. Homer invites him to dinner, but instead of Selma, the principal falls for her sister Patty. He is so smitten he lets Bart get away with murder at school, while lonely Selma gets even more disconsolate.


Episode 15 - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Homer tracks down his long-lost half-brother and learns that he, Herb Powell, is a successful auto industry executive in Detroit. After Homer meets him, Herb puts Homer in charge of designing a new car. But when he designs a monstrous car with an enormous sticker price, Homer ultimately bankrupts Herb and his company.


Episode 16 - Bart's Dog Gets an 'F'

Bart’s dog, Santa’s Little Helper, grows more and more out-of-control and is enrolled in an obedience school, whose headmistress, Emily Winthrop, is a firm believer in the choke chain. Santa’s Little Helper is a poor pupil, and when he destroys a quilt Lisa has sewn while at home with the mumps, and eats a giant cookie Homer bought, Homer vows to give him away.


Episode 17 - Old Money

Grampa gets his pills mixed up with those of an elderly widow, Beatrice Simmons. They hit it off and a romance blooms. After taking Grampa to a wild animal park, they discover Bea is dead. A grieving Grampa is surprised to learn that Bea left him $100,000. When the townspeople become aware of this, they show up at Grampa’s door begging to have the money for their own purposes.


Episode 18 - Brush with Greatness

After being publicly humiliated, Homer vows to lose weight. After discovering Marge's old paintings of Ringo Starr, Lisa urges Marge to go back to art school to nurture her gift and Marge wins a prize for painting Homer in his underwear, on the couch. Mr. Burns, who is looking for a portrait painter, hires her but she can’t seem to capture his essence, until she sees Mr. Burns make fun of Homer.


Episode 19 - Lisa's Substitute

Lisa is smitten by her cool substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom. Meanwhile, Bart decides to run for class president where he is expected to easily triumph over class brain Martin Prince. When Lisa comes to school one day, she is shocked to find that Mr. Bergstrom is gone. Meanwhile, Bart celebrates his victory, only to realize that neither he nor his friends bothered to vote.


Episode 20 - The War of the Simpsons

Homer and Marge go away for a weekend marriage retreat. They have difficulty reconciling their differences, particularly after Marge catches Homer sneaking off to go fishing. At home, the kids throw a party which gets out of hand, prompting Grampa to start crying. Afraid he’ll get in trouble, the kids begin to frantically clean up. Meanwhile, Homer catches a legendary catfish, General Sherman.


Episode 21 - Three Men and a Comic Book

Bart attends a comic book convention and decides to go in with Milhouse and Martin on a comic book, although none of them have enough money. They soon find that joint ownership is difficult, as none of the boys want to let the comic out of his sight. Bart eventually ties up Martin and fights with Milhouse, until the comic is blown away.


Episode 22 - Blood Feud

When Bart donates his blood and saves Mr. Burns, Homer is upset that Burns sends him nothing more than a thank-you note. Homer writes an angry letter in response, then thinks better of it, but discovers to his alarm that Bart has already mailed it. Homer tries to recover the letter, but fails, and a furious Mr. Burns reads the letter and vows revenge.


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