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Episode 1 - Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington

Lisa wins an essay contest, and the entire Simpson family gets to visit Washington D.C. Bart flies in The Spirit of St. Louis, Homer drools on money at the mint, and Lisa gets Congress to pass a bill saving her beloved Springfield forest.


Episode 2 - When Flanders Failed

At a backyard barbecue, Ned Flanders announces he’s opening a new store devoted to merchandise for left-handers. Homer secretly wishes Flanders to fail, and Ned undergoes a series of business reversals leaving the Flanders family living in a car, with Homer the last hope to save the Leftorium. Meanwhile, Bart pretends to be taking Karate lessons, only to be beaten up by bullies.


Episode 3 - Bart the Murderer

While the rest of his class enjoys the best field trip ever - to a chocolate factory - Bart becomes a Goodfella under Springfield mob boss Fat Tony. At first Bart enjoys the perks of the job, but the family is concerned when they find hijacked cigarettes in Bart’s room and an FBI truck outside. Then Principal Skinner disappears – and Bart is the prime suspect.


Episode 4 - Homer Defined

When Homer inadvertently saves the nuclear plant from a meltdown, he wins praise and respect, but feels he owes it all to just plain luck. Meanwhile, Bart realizes he wasn’t invited to Milhouse’s birthday party because Milhouse’s mother doesn’t think Bart is a good influence on her son.


Episode 5 - Like Father, Like Clown

At a dinner with the Simpsons, Krusty the Clown reveals he is estranged from his rabbi father. Bart and Lisa explore Jewish traditions and literature to prove to the rabbi that clowning is an honorable profession, and lead Krusty and his father to reconcile on the air.


Episode 6 - Treehouse of Horror II

In the second annual terror-themed trilogy, a monkey’s paw that grants wishes leads humanity to fall prey to sadistic space aliens. Also, Bart assumes incredible powers for mischief, turning Homer into a giant Jack-in-the-Box; and Mr. Burns puts Homer’s brain into a robot’s body – only to discover the robot is now as lazy as Homer was.


Episode 7 - Lisa's Pony

Homer fails to buy Lisa a new saxophone reed and she is humiliated at a school concert. To make it up to her, Homer buys her a pony, which lives in the Simpson house. To afford the pony, Homer must get a second job at the Kwik-E-Mart, and he can no longer sleep. Finally, Lisa relents and gives up the pony but keeps her father’s love.


Episode 8 - Saturdays of Thunder

Homer fails a quiz designed to test how well he knows his son. A trip to the Fatherhood Institute convinces him to help Bart build a soapbox derby racer, but Homer’s assistance only makes things worse. Riding a sleek racer designed by Martin Prince, Bart is thrilled to see his father come out to root him on.


Episode 9 - Flaming Moe's

Homer gives Moe the idea for a new cocktail whose secret ingredient is cough syrup. Moe takes the recipe without crediting Homer, and his bar flourishes, attracting the cool crowd and Aerosmith. But before Moe can franchise his operation, a bitter Homer reveals the secret of Moe’s success.


Episode 10 - Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

A weary Mr. Burns decides to sell the plant to a group of German investors. When the Germans assume control, they discover the plant is not the bargain it seems, and in particular that Homer is a buffoon who dreams of the land of chocolate. Finally, Mr. Burns returns and retakes the plant, leaving the irate Germans vowing revenge.


Episode 11 - I Married Marge

In this flashback view of Homer and Marge’s early wedded life, we see their marriage in a casino wedding chapel, Homer’s successful attempt to land a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant – where we learn Smithers’ first name is Waylon – and the birth of Bart.


Episode 12 - Radio Bart

For his birthday, Bart gets a microphone which he uses to play pranks, including convincing the Flanders boys that he is God. He wins the sympathy of the whole town and well-meaning celebrities including Sting, by pretending to be a boy who fell in a well. Then Bart actually falls in the well and nobody cares.


Episode 13 - Lisa the Greek

Homer discovers that Lisa has an incredible knack for picking football winners, which he exploits with Moe the bookie. When Homer doubts if Lisa loves him, he decides the result of the upcoming Super Bowl will tell the tale. After a typically hokey half-time show, Homer is pleased to discover that Lisa’s pick is on the money and her love is true.


Episode 14 - Homer Alone

After a particularly trying morning, Marge has a breakdown and stops her car on a bridge. The family gets her a trip to Rancho Relaxo, a local spa, leaving Bart and Lisa with Patty and Selma and Maggie with Homer – who almost immediately loses her.


Episode 15 - Bart the Lover

When Mrs. Krabapple places Bart in detention, he gets back at her by answering her personal ad as a perfect – but fictitious – lover. After standing Mrs. K. up, however, Bart feels remorse and he enlists the family’s help in letting her down easy. Meanwhile, Homer attempts to cure his foul mouth by means of a swear jar.


Episode 16 - Homer at the Bat

With a homemade baseball bat, Homer rules the company softball team – until Mr. Burns, to win a bet, decides to hire ringers. He recruits professional baseball players who each fall victim to misfortune, leaving the game in Homer's hands.


Episode 17 - Separate Vocations

Scholastic tests show that Lisa will not be the saxophone player she dreams of becoming, while Bart has great aptitude for being a cop. He goes on a ride-a-long and becomes a hall monitor, where he takes the rap for Lisa, whose disappointment has led her to pull pranks on the teachers at Springfield Elementary.


Episode 18 - Dog of Death

After lottery fever grips Springfield – and makes Kent Brockman even richer – the Simpsons discover their dog needs an expensive operation. When the family resents the cost of the surgery, the dog runs away – and is trained to be a killer by Mr. Burns. But when Santa’s Little Helper is ordered to attack Bart, the love of a dog for his boy wins out.


Episode 19 - Colonel Homer

After an argument with Marge, Homer runs off to a country-western bar, where he discovers beautiful songstress Lurleen Lumpkin. Homer decides to manage her, leading Marge to wonder if she’s losing her man to a younger woman. But after Lurleen’s successful appearance on a country comedy show, “Yah Hoo!” she realizes there’s no one for Homer but his wife.


Episode 20 - Black Widower

The evil Sideshow Bob reappears, apparently reformed, and wishes to marry Marge’s sister Selma. Bart is convinced that his old nemesis is up to no good, and he finally proves that Bob intends to murder his new bride for the money.


Episode 21 - The Otto Show

After a riotous visit to Springfield by Spinal Tap, bus driver Otto loses his license. He moves in with the Simpsons, who lean on Marge’s sisters at the DMV to help him get his job back.


Episode 22 - Bart's Friend Falls in Love

After a sex education class at Springfield Elementary, Milhouse falls in love with a beautiful new girl, Samantha Stanky. Bart’s jealousy drives them apart, landing Samantha in a Catholic school. Meanwhile, Homer tries to suppress his appetite while he sleeps but instead increases his vocabulary.


Episode 23 - Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes

Mr. Burns discovers that Homer is sterile, and placates him with an award presented by Joe Frazier. Then Homer’s half-brother Herb Powell returns and attempts to resuscitate his sagging fortunes with an invention that allows babies to talk to adults.


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