Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Season 12 Episodes

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Season 12 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Bar Food and Bon Bons

This trip, Guy's rolling coast to coast for flavor. In Astoria, N.Y., a dive bar cranking out slow-roasted lamb ribs with fresh tzatziki. In Geyserville, Calif., an Italian place serving up the family meatball recipe in a slider.


Episode 2 - From Kraut to Cous Cous

This trip, Guy's heading out for some global flavor in Brighton, Colo., San Antonio, Texas, and Tampa, Fla.


Episode 3 - You Can Only Get it Here

This trip, Guy's finding funky flavors all over the country in San Francisco, Indianapolis and on the south side of Chicago.


Episode 4 - Grillin' and Smokin'

This trip, Guy's rolling out for something new from the grill in San Antonio, Texas, Denver and St. Petersburg, Fla.


Episode 5 - Southern Flavor

This trip, Guy Fieri is heading all over the country for a taste of the South.


Episode 6 - Gettin' Fresh

This trip Guy Fieri is rolling in for farm-to-table cooking.


Episode 7 - Homemade & Homebrewed

The brew is flowing outside the bar and into the kitchen on favorites like meatloaf with homebrewed demi glace.


Episode 8 - Latin Street Food

This trip, Guy's taste buds are dancing as he digs into all kinds of Latin favorites.


Episode 9 - Slammin' Sammies

A gourmet restaurant vet brings fine dining to the bar with innovative burgers like bison with blueberry barbecue sauce.


Episode 10 - Global Comfort

A barbecue joint brings Southern cookin' to the locals with favorites like Cajun meatloaf and chicken fried chicken.


Episode 11 - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Guy checks out a breakfast joint servin' up waffles filled with bacon and an old-school pfannekuchen from a decades-old recipe.


Episode 12 - Pizza, Pancakes & Pork

Guy visits a tiny dive servin' up flavor in massive proportions, like the melt-in-your-mouth pork belly sandwich.


Episode 13 - Old to New

See a Polish joint that's been around for decades, servin' up old standards like Hungarian pancakes with goulash. Then, a little gift shop and cafe is puttin' out totally homemade favorites like mama used to make.


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