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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Totally Fried

Guy Fieri searches out some great joints where they're frying up a storm. He finds spring rolls with duck confit in Philadelphia and falafel at a classic California drive-in. In one cafe, even the French classic, Chicken Cordon Bleu, is deep fried.


Episode 2 - Route 66

Guy Fieri travels this classic American highway for great food at great places: Homemade biscuits and gravy at a 60-year-old trucker's paradise near Victorville, Calif.; homemade German spaetzle and jagerschnitzel at an Oklahoma cafe built from rocks dug up in the construction of route 66; and apple smoked salmon and pecan crusted catfish at a Kansas joint in a former bank once robbed by Jesse James.


Episode 3 - Seaside Eats

Guy Fieri searches out great food on three coasts: Amazing fried clams, clam cakes, and lobster chow mein, at a Rhode Island legend lots of people arrive at by boat; seafood done Mediterranean style, including fresh octopus, by a Spanish chef at a local favorite near Tampa; and awesome burgers by the beach at a California joint run by an ex surfer, whose motto is, "No shirt, no shoes, no problem."


Episode 4 - Local Flavor

Guy Fieri hits the road to find some of the best local favorites in the country: Off the hook chili from a secret family recipe at an 85-year-old Seattle joint; crab cioppino and artichoke soup at a more than 100-year-old California bar-turned-restaurant, with a produce garden of its own; and an Oklahoma joint on Route 66 that serves some of the most bizarre local favorites you've ever seen.


Episode 5 - Viewer's Choice

Guy Fieri goes to some great places viewers have suggested: A 60-year-old legacy in Florida where even the fish goes in the smoker; a Hawaiian paradise outside of Seattle, serving up authentic island food that has the mainlanders hooked; and a Tiki Bar in Minneapolis where they'll fry anything and the drinks have umbrellas.


Episode 6 - Real Deal BBQ

Guy Fieri tracks down real-deal barbecue from a down-home BBQ shack on the median of Los Angeles highway; to a fusion barbecue joint in Chicago, where they're making two different kinds of sauce their own way every day, to just outside of Kansas City, Mo., BBQ central, where a tech guy-turned restaurant owner is cooking up whole hogs.


Episode 7 - Talkin' Turkey

Guy Fieri finds America's classic plate, the turkey dinner: at a Boston joint where it's Thanksgiving every day of the year and even Bill Clinton's dropped by; in Northern California, where a restaurant owner and turkey farmer doesn't just put turkey on the menu, it IS the menu; and in Florida, where a family-owned joint is dishing up the ultimate turkey dinner, tur-duck-en -- turkey, duck and chicken, all in one.


Episode 8 - One of a Kind

Guy Fieri travels in search of one-of-a-kind joints serving one-of-a-kind food: From a local legend in Massachusetts where people line up for whole belly clams; to a Michigan joint that serves so many chicken gizzards they named the place Gizzard City; to downtown San Francisco, where an old-time American diner is serving up Portuguese specialties, to a lunch truck on the side of the road serving homemade authentic Mexican food that is off the hook.


Episode 9 - Family Owned

Guy Fieri visits some great family-owned joints around the country: A Mexican restaurant and tortilla factory in San Diego where father and daughter work side-by-side; a real-deal diner in Massachusetts, where father and son have been cranking out classic plates together for 20 years; and a legendary Chicago burger joint, where folks are lining up for the char burgers a couple of brothers are cranking out -- and the three layer fries.


Episode 10 - Open 24/7

Guy Fieri goes 'round the clock at some great joints with great food at any hour of the day: The San Diego diner where they're flying fresh seafood in from New England; the 68-year-old Chicago institution where 3AM means veal parm and short rib dinners; and the Philadelphia diner that's still doing scrapple and creamed chipped beef.


Episode 11 - Off the Hook Specials

Guy Fieri tracks down some places and plates that are totally off the hook: Chili and tater-tot pizza at a Kansas City joint run by a sculptor; brunch on the water at a Long Beach, Calif. legend, where the specialty of the house is called "the mess"; a Michigan diner that's serving Vietnamese pho bowls; and the barbecue RV, bringing pulled pork to just about anywhere in the Chicago area.


Episode 12 - Burgers, Rings and Fries

Guy Fieri uncovers some of the best of the best of the All-American meal: Burgers made fresh-ground from steak while patrons watch, and available in 16 varieties, at a San Francisco institution; "stuffed" burgers that are a signature dish of Minnesota's Twin Cities, at a joint that takes them to next level with all kinds of combinations, and vinegar-blanched hand-cut fries; and ten-to-the-pound sliders, topped with almost anything, at an Ann Arbor, Mich. landmark, where the fried onion rings are legendary.


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